Sunday, August 28, 2011

Last Date Night as "Singles"

 (Dave and I being nerds together)

Dave and I took our very last Date Night on Friday. 
Well, as "singles", of course. 
Because next week we'll be MARRIED!!
How exciting is this, my friends?

Do you have any idea how patient I have been for this day?
Very. We've been talking about getting married since I got pregnant. 
And just in-case you don't remember, that precious little surprise gift is now 2. 
Do the math. 

We had an amazing time together, as usual. 
I hate to be cliche but I am so happy to marry my BFF. 
And, I am damn lucky to have a BFF like him and he gives me new reasons to everyday.
It's true, he's writes them on little sticky notes and places them around the house. 
Only joking. That would be a little weird.  

One of my very favorite things about Dave is his sense of humor. He's not one of those "oh Im so funny hahaha!" outgoing kind of guys. He's one of those of "I'm super clever and say really funny smart things in a nonchalant manner and see if anyone picks it up" kinda funny. He is so intelligent it makes me sick. But mostly because I feel stupid and have no idea what he's talking about half the time. I need to read more..

The funniest things Dave has said to me in the past few days that make me happy (and can remember):

- Dave: "When we make more money, I want to trade in my car for a pick-up and a mini cooper"
Me: (thinking in my head.. yeah cause an xB will def. get us both) "Why would we need three cars?"
Dave: Cause we'll have our family car (my car), a truck to haul stuff and a car that gets good gas. 
Me: "Couldn't we just get a trailer that a.) we can use our family car to haul and b.) we don't have to pay a ton of insurance on every month?
Dave: silence...

Oh, I love it when I seem smarter than him. Because that NEVER happens! 

Another funny thing he said:

Me: How big is 4X4?
Dave: (holding up his hands to show me)
Me: no, no, in FEET!
Dave: oh, well, it's like four of me put together. 

And another: 

Dave: This world is lying to us! They are lying and making a profit. And I don't like it one bit. 
(talking about shirt sizes and yes, being completely serious)

I could go on and on. Our conversations are never dull. 

****************** SERIOUS CONTENT ********************
On a more serious note.. another thing that I just absolutely love about him is that he keeps me grounded. We end everyday in the same bed, in the same place in our lives and always reminds me of the true meaning here on earth. When I express my want/need to travel the world and "be someone" he reminds me that that is not what is important in life. When I am stressed about money flying out the door for this wedding he tells me, money comes and goes, we are blessed to have it and should enjoy it, not stress about it. And when I feel guilty about crushing his dreams he had before our little family came along and ask him what he really wants to do in his life he recites Genesis 1:28, "Be fruitful and multiply and replenish the earth, and subdue it". Most importantly, he helps me strengthen my relationship with our Father. He know SO much the our Holy Bible and teaches me and challenges me everyday. I did not grow up in a Christian family so I'm still trying to learn about the life and the word of Christ. Sometimes I feel so naive or like a "beginner Christian" and Dave says, "blessed are they that have not seen, and yet have believed." John 20:29. And then I feel really special. (I will share my testimony another time).

At any rate, I feel incredibly blessed.
Back to the single life.. 
I was sligless all day on Friday. Do you have any idea how boring life is when you don't have a little maniac as high as the crease of your butt cheek to run around after? 

I had to entertain myself. For a while I was lounging on the couch watching Netflix but occasionally I'd catch eyes with one of the people working in our back yard looking as if they're going to die of heat stroke through the the glass doors and then felt extremely guilty. And lazy. So, I searched and searched for an ounce of motivation deep within me, found one, played a little tug-a-war for a while, lost, and began to clean my house. 

.. one hour late I was done. Whaaa.. ? One hour?? Did I take some speed that I forgot about or did our power go out and stop the clocks? Oh, wait, I don't have a slig behind me making messes as I clean. 

So I did what any single gal would do with time on her hands.. 
Spend an unmentionable amount of time on hair and make-up, tried on 10 different outfits, and took pictures of myself. What? Like you don't do that?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Little Cuddle Bug

Did you know that Owyn loves to snuggle?
It's true! It wasn't always true. When he was just a pup he didn't like to be close. 
He always wanted his space, just like me but the older he gets, the more and more he loves on me.And the more and more I love it.

I can't get enough. All I need to do is lay down and he climbs on me. Most of the time he says " GO GO GO! Horse!" 

He's so wonderful.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Champagne Bruch, For ME!

My lovely Matrons of Honor hosted a beautiful champagne brunch in my honor last weekend. 
It was lovely. I have pictures to prove it.



Wednesday, August 3, 2011


There is nothing I find more relaxing than doing home improvements. 
And we have been doing a lot of them lately.

Our neighbors probably think we're getting ready to sell the house.
There's a new truck outside our house everyday. 

I finished my latest project last night. Repainting the white picket fence. 
It took 3 nights to sand and paint. 
There's only so many hours in the day you can handle being outside in this darn heat!

Did you get a peek at our new drive way?
Love it!