Monday, November 29, 2010

Tree #2: Our "Real" Tree

We are so excited we have a "real" tree. 
It's not real at all. It's the opposite. Fake. But we keep referring to it as real.
Real like the ones our mothers put up every year. Big, full and covered in ornaments. 

 {Owyn likes to hide underneath and hang ornaments}

Finished product:

Look how cute these are: 

They remind me of me and my love. Ha, just kidding.

{Note to Dave, If you keep getting everything I mention I want, we're gonna be broke real soon.}

Turkey and Traditions

Wow, what a weekend! 
We had such a lovely Thanksgiving thanks to my dear almost-mother-in-law.
After our Turkey feast we came home and set up our tree because it's tradition. 
It didn't take long before we realized our tree was pretty sad and pathetic and Owyn needed to go good boggy. ( When say good boggy for good night. When I had my black berry when Dave and I first started dating I set him a good night text late at night- half asleep and anyone who has a black berry knows that it makes up words as you type. Well, boggy appears to be in the blackberry dictionary and it's stuck ever since.)

I worked early morning on Black Friday and when I came home there was a big box with a beautiful new, very large tree inside. Naturally, we went and got new tree decor for it too. 

Tree #1

 {mom gave me all my Christmas ornaments from my childhood, including my first!}

Tree #2 on next post.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

A Bridal Shower

Here are pre-party pictures from Kylie's shower we hosted at my home. 

I hope it was everything she wanted it to be.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Not Only Because It's November.

Now that it's November everyone like to post about what they're thankful for. 
Well, I am very, very thankful. Not just today. Not just this month but every day of my life. 
I'm thankful for having this man by my side. 

Oh, I love him. 
One word that perfectly describes him: dependable. 
He is the best partner I could ask for. Yes, sometimes I could live without his bad moods and the attitude that comes along with it (not all of us are perfect), but those just make it more exciting. I could go on and on listing the many wonderful traits of his but I'll spare you and list a couple. 

-this weekend he cleaned the yards and mowed the lawn
-helped me clean the house
- took care of the dog and the child while I held Kylie's bridal shower
-took Owyn to his grandparents and to the park
-watched Owyn (bad mood, cutting 4 molars Owyn) while I went out for Kylie's bachelorette party
-picked me up when I wanted to come home because my esophagus hurt
-handed me water when I was puking (thanks to that damn acid reflux)
-let me sleep in today
-went to Target and Sunflower to stock up on the essentials and groceries
- washed our cars
- took care of Owyn while I went to work until midnight
-and cleaned the entire house (including my dirty laundry)
-and even tried staying up for me to come home

This is how he is, all the time. It's wonderful.
It's good to know that Owyn and I will always be taken care of.
Even if he wasn't my perfect match for making babies as cute as Owyn, Id still keep him around.

I'm hoping I can slip back into dream I was having during my nap today. 
We were on our honey moon and just discovered an underground casino and bowling alley behind out pantry door in our snowed-in cabin. It was a hard one to wake up to.

P.S. Once this this winter passes and the flowers start to bloom, we'll finally be getting married!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veterans Day

This is what it looks like around here on Holiday's off from school. 

Just another reason to b thankful for those Vets! 

 {serious cleaning}

Talking Dogs

So I'm sure you already know how much Owyn loves dogs, right?

Well, apparently there's one things he loves even more. 
Talking dogs!

Owyn's new favorite movie is 101 Dalmatians. 
I've never heard this kid laugh so hard in his life. 
He laughs so hard he gives himself the hiccups. Every.time.

He is such a dork.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wee People

Really? When did this happen, and how did I not know until yesterday?

Wee People! Free people for weedle girls! Cutest darn thing I've ever heard of. 

Luckily I have a niece I can dress! 
(We'll just have to wait until she fits!)

Monday, November 8, 2010

Using up Fuel

We had a busy, busy weekend. 
Lots of homework, housework and yardwork.
On Sunday afternoon the kids (Owyn and Mitzi) were driving us crazy. 
We were trying to finish up everything we could before Monday rolled around and they were both full of energy and doing everything we didn't want them to do. 

So, I put shoes and leashes on and we took them across the street to the football field. 
It was great because Owyn was outside running around and I didn't have to keep him away from anything because there was nothing he could get into or anywhere he could go. And I made sure I ran around with Mitzi so she'd be tired and want to lay down. That girl is always in our way!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Owyn's First Masterpiece

I think i might seal this tub up to preserve his first work of art forever. 
You never know, he could be the next Rembrandt. 

Only not Dutch. And his choice of medium- crayola bath crayons.
Maybe I'll introduce him to the oils next week?
We can start with grinding pigments.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Hey, guess what?

There's a new button on my side bar! 
One made just for you... 

to participate in!

If you take my survey, Ill love you forever! 

Please, please take it!

Thank you

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grown- up

Owyn is simply one-of-a-kind, not just to me- because Im his mom, but to many. 
If you know him, you know what I'm talking about. 

Anytime someone new meets him I always get the same responses:
-i don't think kids are cute, but your son is so cute
- i don't like kids, but he's really cool
- i know everyone tells people their kids are so cute, but yours really is the cutest one I've even seen
- i love his hair
- he's so well behaved
- he's just like one of us
-he's so independent 

I'm not kidding, it never goes away. People at work, school, internship, strangers, friends, friends of friend.. and I get a lot of "my friend or mom or whomever looks at your blog and thinks Owyn is the cutest thing".

Am I bragging too much?
Well, I am proud. And I can't take all the credit. Not only does he only have half my genes, but you know that saying, it takes a village to raise a child. Everyone in his life has contributed to who is becoming and I thank them all for doing so. We've got a great group of family and friends.

I started putting Owyn on a boosty at the table instead of using his highchair. 
He loves it. I think it makes him feel more grown up and respected.
If I've learned anything from my mother (which I have, many), its that kids who get respect give respect. These are the things that I think make him act "just like us". Cause it's true, he does act just like us, because we treat him that way. I've never done the baby talk with him and Dave is so good at reading a explaining things, he never dumbs it down.

Over the past month Owyn has changed so much, I can hardly believe it.  First of all, he's grown a ton and is finally fitting in his right size clothing for once in his life. Also, he's become a genius and wants to talk about and show you all the stuff he knows. He's really growing up fast and it's starting to hit me. 

We've started talking about pre-schools.
We really want him in a private school. Ive started researching and talking to numerous professionals about the topic. Anytime I ask someone who is very well educated (professors for instance) or who are educators themselves what they would/do for their children, they quickly respond with private/independent. I've also been doing a lot of research about the no child left behind. It's become the main topic of discussion. Even with customers at work. Whenever I see families with children I always ask 1.) what they do for education and 2.) how much they like the age difference in their children. I should probably start some studies and get them published. 

Instead, Ill wait till another time and tell you all about my findings on 
1.) education 
2.) age difference in siblings

Thanks for spending your time reading my thoughts about how wonderful Owyn is. 
And thanks for sharing your liking in him.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Pumpkins and Sharks

Here are some picture from Halloween, finally. 
I'm taking it easy on blogger for the week because 
I'm extremely overloaded with responsibilities right now and I'm starting to reach that breaking point I know all too well.