Thursday, May 27, 2010

Aunt Whitney

It's so crazy to see Whitney with a baby belly!

Im so glad we got to see her sooner than Owyn's first birthday, unexpectedly. 

Sisterhood is the greatest friendship two could share on this earth. 
The fact that we're now going to share the experience of motherhood excites me. 
Especially since the kids will be so close in age.

Whitney is Owyn's only Aunt, and they share a very special bond. 
He adores Whitney like no other. 

The little booger gives her tons of kisses. 
He only gives them to me when he wakes up and is feeling sweet and vulnerable.

The were both very sad to part.. 
We can't wait to see her again in July. 

My not so little, little brother

My younger brother went to prom with his super cute girlfriend Yael this week. 

Arent they the cutest?

I had to steal this pic from Yael's facebook to brag about what rockstars they are.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Christmas at Nordstrom

Nordstrom's half-yearly sale is like Christmas. 

Sooo many free gifts and double reward points.

I LOVE it!

 {my goodies}

Monday, May 24, 2010


Owyn's first swim was today.
We joined my family at JW Marriott Phoenix Desert Ridge and enjoyed the sun all day.

What a natural! He was crazy about the water.
He didn't hesitate for a second. As soon as I took him out he was trying to jump back in. head first.

{me and my baby <3}

Family Weekend

This past weekend was very busy for us.

My sister, mother and Scott are in town and we're still transforming our charming house into a cozy home. The house keeps looking better and better. We're taking the time to make it perfect. Somehow we got my entire family (almost) to come help us paint on Saturday.

Friday night we celebrated the graduation of my lovely cousin Victoria where we enjoyed a ton of delicious food, drinks and good company.

{our little family}

{Owyn dancing to music and Owyn with GrandJen (my mom) and Vick and I}

{On our way home, way past Owyn's bed time}

Monday, May 17, 2010

Have I Ever Mentioned...

how awesome this kid is?

Maybe once or twice?

Must I need to?

{our pillow party}

I'm so happy school is over for a few months because I get to devote myself to play time with Owyn. All day, everyday. He is the funniest person (not only child) I've ever known. He has the best personality that lights up a room. You can instantly read his genuine innocent happiness, humor and love by looking into his eyes.

He makes me so happy.

Last night I worked until midnight (due to visual updates) and wanted to wake him up to give him some loves. But I didn't have to because he knew I was home and woke up. He didn't want to go back to sleep alone, he wanted to sleep with me. It was so sweet.

It's amazing watching him grow and develop.
He seems way to smart for his own good. And for my sanity.
He likes to use it to his advantage. He knows when to be sweet so he can get away with the bad things he does. And he puts on a "sweet little baby act" for people that arn't his parents. We always hear " hes such a good baby" while he sits quiet and still, but then once the people are gone he turns into the energizer bunny.

He's even started flirting with women.
He tilts his head down slightly giving them the eye, turns his head quickly (as if he's so embarrassed) and looks back slowly and smiles. Where did he learn this stuff??

He also..
gives kisses (my favorite!}
waves bye bye
gives high five's
and stands on his own.
He can even walk next to me if I hold his hand.

If this isn't awesome, I don't know what is.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Great things are happening

We're getting closer to the BIG MOVE!

Everyday Ive slowly been taking car fulls of clutter, 
such as linens, books and kitchen goods to store away in our new home
without disturbing our painting or moving. 

This weekend we'll be painting and getting our new dishwasher in.

{taped and ready for paint!}

And guess what????

I've completed my 8th semester of school!
and I did pretty damn well, I must say. 

And guess what else???

My seester is coming next week!!!
I'm so excited I can't even use ten exclamation marks to express the excitement.

on top of that, my mommy and Scott are coming as well. 
this has been planned for a while so Ive already been super excited. 

I can't wait for them to see how hilarious Owyn is first hand. 
I wish they lived here... :( :(

and Dad and Wendy :( :(   

I cant wait to see them all!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh yeah, and happy Mothers Day

Im pretty sure Im the only blogger who didn't do a Mothers Day
post including a picture of myself and my mother. 

I was in a real bad mood yesterday and wasn't in the Mothers Day mood.

{Mom and me on her back patio in Winter 07}

Sorry. I still love you my mother and grandmothers dearly!
Happy late Mother's Day!

Good Boy/Bad Boy

Good Boy 

Bad Boy 

Owyn makes me think of Sour Patch Kids. (my favorite)
First their sour... then their sweet. 

With both I always find myself wishing the sweetness lasted longer than the sour.

This Weekend...

we spent prepping the house for our big MOVE IN. 

We cleaned up the front yard, got our appliances, 
got the inside of the house cleaned, and taped the living room and dining room for paint.

It was a dirty job. 

I cant wait to move in, but there's lots to still do. 
We still need to clean up the back and do all of the inside painting. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Check List

  1. get Mesa Contemporary Art Museum internship
  2.  buy appliances
  3. schedule a house cleaning
  4. schedule for lock change
  5. loose baby weight
  6. finish semester of school
  7. clean mirrors

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I love this.

Check it out HERE.

Like Father, Like Son

{why are all my pictures blurry lately??}

If all else fails, stick Owyn infront of the piano or guitar and his mood changes instantly. 
He is CRAZY about instruments and loves to play.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Male Bonding

Dave and Owyn had the entire house to themselves on Saturday while I worked all day.

I got them to come meet me for my lunch break which was nice.

Dave got in some good pictures of our little terror.