Friday, May 14, 2010

Great things are happening

We're getting closer to the BIG MOVE!

Everyday Ive slowly been taking car fulls of clutter, 
such as linens, books and kitchen goods to store away in our new home
without disturbing our painting or moving. 

This weekend we'll be painting and getting our new dishwasher in.

{taped and ready for paint!}

And guess what????

I've completed my 8th semester of school!
and I did pretty damn well, I must say. 

And guess what else???

My seester is coming next week!!!
I'm so excited I can't even use ten exclamation marks to express the excitement.

on top of that, my mommy and Scott are coming as well. 
this has been planned for a while so Ive already been super excited. 

I can't wait for them to see how hilarious Owyn is first hand. 
I wish they lived here... :( :(

and Dad and Wendy :( :(   

I cant wait to see them all!