Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kitchen Twin/ Inspiration

The first time I showed my sister, Whitney, pictures of our soon-to-be house,
we chuckled over the kitchen. 

Nothing matches! Not only are the top cabinets white and the bottom black, 
but every appliance is a different color as well.

I thought our sad 1950's some-what of an updated kitchen was going to need a LOT of work. 
Especially considering how much time Dave and I spend in the kitchen. 
(We both fight over who gets to cook dinner.)
It was the first room Dave ran to when we were looking for homes. 
If the house had a room he could make his band room and a nice kitchen, he was sold!

Yesterday I stumble upon faith while searching through my DIY magazine.

 This kitchen is almost exactly the same as ours! Weird... 
Top cabinets white, bottom black. outdated white tile. tiled back splash. black counters.
same exact light fixture! AND mix-matched appliances. 
The before kitchen from the magazine was even red. 

And guess what, it looks great!

I thought I wanted to reface the cabinets and redo the floors (black and white checker).
But my new plan is to paint, of course, and re-tile the back splash with COLOR!
It won't be blue like this one though.

I see lots of new hope for the kitchen!

 {notice how my magazine page is crumbled? i have a little doggy that can't seem to stay away from my magazines. his name is Owyn}

Monday, March 29, 2010

Lifestyle Challenge

Dave and I recently started our lifestyle challenge.
What is a lifestyle challenge, you ask?

We are challenging ourselves and each other to become healthier.
Sleep better, eat better, drink better, live better. 

We are now both taking our vitamins every morning, 
I am trying to drink more water, 
and Dave is trying to eat less steak.. (i think)

Our next step is to start exercising regularly and then we'll conquer the big stuff, 
like strengthening our relationship with God and simplifying our lives. 

One step at a time.

{dinner from last week. cod, cucumber/mango/tomato relish, feta quinoa and steamed broccoli.}

In the spirit of announcements

I am sooooo happy to announce that..

we have received the official approval for the house!

I am going crazy thinking about all the things I want to do to the house. 
but, I keep them to myself. If I told Dave all the things I wanted to do he'd probably 
a) think I was insane
b) think I was going to bankrupt us

the door that will soon be welcoming us home :)
in our quaint little historic neighborhood. 

Well I guess since it's finally out in the open.... (i think)

I can announce..
I will soon be owning a new title!

Auntie Chelsea!!!!

I can't wait till my little niece/nephew is here and us siblings 
can sit on my porch on a hot summer day (with a margarita in hand hopefully)
and watch our kids play together in our tree house. 

Can't wait!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


It always takes hours to leave the house.
It doesn't matter where we're going.

One reason is because Owyn is so darn cute, I can't help but play with
him and take a million pictures.

 {check out those teeth!}

{my one sock kid}

Ive been experimenting with the manual settings on my camera. 

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Back Again Soon. I Hope.

My lovely family and friends..

I've been gone a long time :(
I miss blogging.

My life is beginning to crumble underneath my feet.
I've spread myself too thin, and the results are not good.
I've come to the point where my grades could begin to drop below A's, could quit work out of stress, and could turn all my loved ones against me.

I will be back once I piece my life back together.
Then it's more pictures of Owyn!


Monday, March 15, 2010

Bithday Funday Catalog

Today was my birthday.

It started out pretty rough for us.
Argument.. lack of sleep.. headache. Luckily, Dave called in from work and
catered to my every need. I got to sleep in and had a latte, breakfast burrito and bday card waiting for me when I woke up. I think he was trying to make up for something?

My grandmother Irene gave me a Phx Zoo membership for my birthday.
So, we packed up the goods and spent our day enjoying the perfect weather at the zoo.

After the zoo we went to Papago Brewery (our fav) and
I had an orange blossom beer and we shared some chips and salsa and a quesadilla.

Then.. we were rear ended on our way home. Traumatic!!

I was on the phone with my mom when it occurred.
My phone flew. Owyn started screaming. I immediately unbuckled my belt and jumped into the backseat to make sure he was okay. He was crying so hard and I couldn't pick him up and make him feel better because we were still in the middle lane at the intersection. We were all fine.. except for the rear bumper on the xB. I called my mom back, knowing she'd be freaking out. She told me that she was, and how she could hear me cursing. haha.. woops.

When we finally got home Dave and I were struck with some sort of sickness.
And just an all over weird feeling. This has been a weird day.

But after the most amazing year of my life, I guess I can take rough night and a wierd day.

And it was still the most beautiful day.

P.S. Is that enough pictures? haha..

Happy Birthday to ME!

It's my birthday!

This weekend I took myself out on a shopping spree. 

But out of the entire pile of stuff I got, nothing compares to the cute little kid in the yellow track pants.

More birthday adventures later..

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Living Room Inspiration

I am soooo excited about the house!

I can't wait till we're in it!

Since its officially Spring break, I have decided to dedicate my down time to searching for design inspiration. 
How easy is it these post-modern days for interior designers?? Really. It's everywhere!

Here is something I found that I would love to do to our living room.

{ Pictures 1 & 3 are from design sponge and 2 & 4 are pictures 
I took of the front living room and dining area from The House}

I can't wait!!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hey Spring, there you are!

Spring has been trying to hide from us.

But today, the clouds cleared, the air warmed and the birds came out to play.

I love Sping!

Yesterday I was stuck
in freezing cold pouring rain on my walk home from school.
(I was soaked)

But today I'm wearing a tank and smell of sunblock.

Owyn and I took advantage of this beautiful day and had a picnic at Kiwanis Park.

There is nothing in the world as cute as this child of mine.

Oh I love him so much!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crawling is so last month...

and Owyn is over it.

He's now trying to walk. 

He pulls himself onto the coffee table and walks around it

and he runs around this place like this...

{if you enlarge the pic you can see his 2 (very sharp) teeth}

it's pretty hilarious.


See the similarities?

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Owyn in the pin

Already having to deal with being short.

Poor kid.

How adorable is he though??

C'mon, look at those cheeks!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Super Exciting Updates. In Numerical Order.

# 1.
We are one step closer to owning the backyard that this treehouse sits in!

Owyn says Mama!!! I worked on mama all week with him and he finally has it down. 
He says it mostly when he want something. But it's still just a precious. 

{check out the deer head stuck to his bum. gotta love this kid}

Now this news is sad.. but also good!

One of the 6 classes I need to graduate is not available this summer or fall..
therefore, I have to take it during Spring, and will not graduate until then. 

but, this means I can spread out my classes and have an easy year!
{dead orchid eyes. since I can never keep my flowers (from the Mister) alive.}

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ive made a serious decision today.

Im gonna grow my hair out, and go back blonde!

{long time ago. me and my bestie}

Or just stay brown??

Ugh. Looking at old pictures makes me sad.

I Know This Look..

Yes, I know it all too well. 

I have perfected this look myself. 

The look of mischief. 

Monday, March 1, 2010

Taking Matters Into My Own Hands

As I was awakened way too early and way too tired this morning by this crazy child, I had one thing in mind..


So I went out and got one. 

Once again I hold the power!!

This Weekend...

we made sushi...

and went to take pictures of the house..

thats about it...

more on that later..