Sunday, April 29, 2012

24 Weeks and a Cousin Date

We are now 24 weeks pregnant! Oh my! The time is zooming. 

The other day Dave asked if I could "put it on hold". 
Oh yes, because if I could, I would love to be uncomfortable, hot and fat with heart burn for longer than necessary. Oh and wait longer to meet son #2! What a crazy!


Speaking of crazy, last night we met up with Aunt Whitney, Uncle Josh and cousin Riley for live music and froyo. Those kids sure do like to run around and be wild.


 Wow have we been busy! 
The wedding was absolutely amazing. Everything was planned and everything was perfect. I can't wait to post pictures and tell you all about the greatness! 

That last week was so insane and we were missing our sweet little guy so badly so we had a family day out at the Phx Children's Museum. Owyn loved it, to say the least. We then went to Cibo for the first time and THEN Four Peaks.


The Feist show was one of the best we've been to, and that says a lot cause we've see a ton of live concerts. She had the entire audience on their feet dancing throughout the entire show. 

It's always a special outing when going to the Orpheum in Phoenix. 
The venue us stunning, has so much history and everyone wears their finest.



just a little baby bump pic 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Date Night

This week is that crazy one we've been anticipating for a while. 
We had the Opera, have 3 concerts (one we had to give up..) a wedding rehearsal, a wedding.
All in 1 week!

Last night was our first show of the week. We went to see Andrew Bird again. 
It was amazing, again.  And this time, I was pregnant.. again! Only I actually made it through the entire show with out having to leave early this time. Proud moment. Being in one spot for a couple hours while having a blown up uterus with a baby inside laying on your back bone ain't the most comfortable feeling in the world. Just saying.

 The Baby loved the show, and gave us some extra entertainment. He was dancing the night away in there. Dave kept his hand on my belly most of the time because it's the first we've ever felt him with such strength. Pretty exciting. And a little creepy if you think about it too much. A tiny little person moving around inside your body. Weird. 

 Dave's happy face. haha, just kidding. 

Dave never fail when it comes to getting really great seats. Props to you, man.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Imagination and Being Awesome

Owyn has been growing into such an interesting, loving and hilarious little person.
His imagination is crazy. I have no idea where he gets half the stuff he does. 

For instance, in ^this picture, at the shoe store, he kept pretending he was on the school bus. He's never even seen the inside of a school bus.

The other day while I was getting ready, he took my eyeliner and drew on the mirrors and made me be the "police man" and put him in jail (aka my closet) after hand cuffing him. 

All of our furniture has been transformed into some sort of transportation. All of the beds are boats and his tent is a space ship. Every night he gets to decide between sleeping in the space ship or on the white boat. He usually chooses the space ship. He often likes to make a quick trip to Mars before bed. I was totally shocked the first trip. He got in, zipped up, buckled up, "three, two, one, blast off!", landed, put on his special imaginary helmet, and got out. Then he proceeded to bounce around in slow motion as if he was walking on Mars without gravity. Where did he learn these things?? 

Other things you should know about Owyn.. 
he is the sweetest little being in the world. 

- Every morning at 6am, he climbs into bed with me and gets all cozy and lets me sleep till Im ready to get up (unless he's hungry). Sometimes he gives me pats and lays his body on mine or rests his hand on my cheek. When I get up he says "morning mommy" all excited and sweet. 

- He gives me the "I love you" sign whenever we part and then the peace sign. "Bye mommy, wuv you, peeefffff". I melt.

- He's into this new thing where he asks "why" after everything. "Brush teeth? Wh-aaayyyyy". Its the funniest thing and never gets old. Its in a very concerned, very high pitched voice.

- He is very excited about baby brother. Oh yeah, did I mention it a BOY???

He thinks he has to press his mouth against my belly for the baby to hear him and yells. "CAN YOU HEAR ME???" This morning the baby was kicking and he told him "TAKE A NAP". hahaha. 

He says that baby is growing and he shows us with his hands "baby's growing growing growing and then POPS out!" 

He's going to be such a good big brother. As excited as I am to have another join the fam, I am sad I wont have as much 1-on-1 time with Owyn. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012


I'm so happy that Instagram is now on Android! 
I've been having lots of fun with it. 

Here are few pics from the week. 

1.beautiful spring day// 2. gettin' in some exercise// 3. 21 week baby bump// 4. excited for warm weather// 5. finally got into the doctor and got some meds// 6. Easter goodies


I hope everyone had a great Easter! 
We had a very relaxed one this year. We celebrated early last week while my mom was in town with the egg hunt and the whole sha-bang and we're recovering from being sick after a long 2 weeks, so we decided to take it easy. 

Last night we got Owyn all pumped up for the Easter Bunny. We had him plant jelly beans in a pot and told him that the Easter Bunny was going to come water them with magic and they'd be grown by the time he woke up, so he was very anxious to go to bed in order to see what was going to grow. Worked like a charm. Too bad it isn't Easter Eve every night, right?

Owyn woke up very excited to see that his jelly beans had grown into lollipops. 
He also enjoyed his basket. He got learning activity books, mini muffins, trail mix, a saxophone, balls, a watering can and a shovel. I'm hoping he doesn't find out that most kids get loads of candy in their baskets. He seemed pretty pleased with the mini muffins, and that's the way we like it!

Throughout the day we played outside and cooked. I cooked a big Easter meal, even though it's only us 2 & 1/2 ( + another half if you count baby, which I do when it comes to eating!). Once the meal was done we made rounds delivering it to grandparents. 

I'd say its been a good day and a great weekend, even though we were supposed to be in San Diego.