Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Monday, August 30, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

This past weekend I was talking to my mom in Denver about setting examples for kids to follow. 

She mentioned how proud she was that all of her 3 children are working towards their college education. 

Whitney- working on her masters at Vanderbilt
Me-finishing up my B.A. at ASU
Sean- just started his first year of college!

My mom never pushed us to go to college. And by that, I mean, there was no bribery involved or ultimatums. 

She set a good example for us by getting her bach. and masters while raising us kids. With honors. And that was her goal. She's not the strict sort of parent. Her thing was to always give us the tools to make the right decisions and trust that we'd do so. I'd say it worked pretty well. None of us have ever been bad kids or trouble makers.  College education was never a question for us, it was something we considered, not only, a must do, but a privilege.

Recently Ive experienced my own examples (habits, really) setting on Owyn. Yikes!

He's been wanting my coffee every morning!
It's pretty annoying, I have to hide it from him. Then I forget where I put it. 

I started making him his own look-a-like coffee so he leaves mine alone. 
His- iced chocolate whole milk (no espresso). Light on the cocoa. 
He's so crazy! He walks around this place like he's the coolest, luckiest kid on earth. 
I guess I can so so-long to his 9:30 nap?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beginning of a Lifetime Project

I started a new project in our dining room. 
One that will continue for a lifetime. 

I love sitting at the dining room table surrounded by memories.
It feels amazing.

I've had a really great life and we've had so many good times together, Dave and I.

It excites me to think about all the other memories we'll make that I can add to my photo walls.
I'm not sure what Ill do next with photos. Ill probably start by lining the door frame. Then who knows!

p.s. The first picture Owyn went for was a picture of himself with his Aunt Whitney.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jar Collection

Within the past few days we have made some wedding decisions and got this ball rolling. I hope we can keep it rolling. 

We decided on the venue and have an appointment Monday to sign the contract and hand over our money. We also decided on the back yard reception. So Ive handed the future of our back yard over to my father. Because he is a professional.

I bought 2 wedding dresses. TWO? Yes. Two dresses. 
I bought them from the J Crew wedding line and they are on a truck to my front door step. Well, one it. The other won't be shipped until November. You must think Im crazy for buying two, but in all honesty, I wanted to buy 5 but I had to talk myself down to 2, or Id be one broke sad little bride. I wanted to make sure I had a back-up incase I didn't love the other. I can return them, and I had a 20% coupon! What's to loose? It was meant to be. I was on the phone with my sister in Nashville while we were adoring every single dress when I got up to check the mail and there it was. My coupon. See? Meant. To. Be. I bought them 2 minutes later. 

I've also began my jar collection. My plan is to have tons and tons of different vases and jars to put a variety of wild spring flowers in them as center pieces. I want long light linens with burlap draped over. 

I have so many ideas running through my head. 
This is like a dream come true!

Thanks Dave for making my dreams come true by proposing!
You are my favorite mammal. But the Slig is my favorite mini-mammal.


A mini-trauma occurred last weekend...

My diamond went missing. 
My ring snagged on a blanket, I looked down, and my diamond was gone. 

This was really sad. And scary. 
Not only is it the diamond that Dave proposed to me with and thought very hard about but it was a very very nice diamond. Crystal clear. I loved my diamond so much because It was a symbol of how Dave sees me and our life together. At least that's my opinion. He chose to go with quality instead of quantity. That shows a lot. I respect that and I'm glad he knew that I'd respect that as well. He knew he could get a bigger diamond (for less), but chose to get me a really pretty one.

On the bright side, it is currently being replaced. 
I'll be ring less for 6-12 weeks, but I think Ill be okay.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Chelsea Reviews: East Valley Thrift/Vintage Shops

Im sure you all know how much I love thrift and antique shops. 
Especially for home goods. I can't think of a single item Ive bought for the house that wasn't from an antique, thrift or outlet type store. Not only do we live on a single income but I prefer the DIY/flea market style. You will never see me shop at any place like Hobby Lobby. I bought fake flowers there the first and last time I will ever buy anything there. It's the perfect example of what I despise in home decor. (p.s., if you like hobby lobby, sorry, and, you can find the exact same things at Walmart way cheaper).

 I have my favorite shops I like to visit on a regular basis. Even if I'm not searching for anything, I always find something or great inspiration.

These are my favorite shops for home goods: 

Favorite of ALL: Antique Plaza
Goodwill on Scottsdale Rd. (They are the best!)
Deseret Industries. (Largest thrift Ive ever been to. And the cleanest. But you HAVE to go through the AS-IS to get most of the furniture. I didn't know this until the 3rd time I went.)
Antique Trove. (next door to them is another antique mall but they are more pricey and the trove is better anyway.)((another note about the Trove: they have yard/estate sales Saturday mornings in the parking lot))

Favorite of ALL: Home Goods
 Marshalls/TJ Maxx
Big Lots (either a hit or miss)
Tuesday Morning (I like them for bedding and crafts)

These are my favorite shops for clothing:
I don't usually buy clothing at thrift or antique stores unless I find something great, but Dave always has good luck. 

Tiedemann's Family (Dave always find neat T-shirts here. He says it's his fav)
Gracie's (always good for furniture and lamps too. Owned by Grace community church)

We've been pretty out of the clothing thing lately. 
We used to explore all sorts of shops before I had Owyn. 
There are quite a few Id like to check out though more in the central Phx area.

One thing to keep in mind when thrift shopping (or any kind of shopping) is to look at an object for what it could be, not for what it is. If you aren't the most creative or crafty person the best thing to do (which is what I tell everyone who isn't so good at clothes shopping or putting outfits together) is find inspirations from magazines or online and search for similar items. 

Thanks for the request!

Sun Showers

(Great shot of the rain drops)

Yesterday we had the pleasure of witnessing a beautiful sun shower outside of our home. 

I love sun showers!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Morning Ritual

{this is me, currently. doin my thang}

Every morning I perform the same ritual. 

I begins with Dave waking me up to let me know he's leaving for work. Duty calls. So then, depending on the time, I make Owyn some food and make myself an iced mocha. 20 oz. soy iced white mocha with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Heavy ice. Then I make my way over to the computer to check email and get my daily dose of blogs. I check out my personal email, school email, blogger, bank statement, and sometimes facebook. Sometimes it takes 2 minutes, other times I'm on there for a good hour. Let me remind you that this all takes place before I brush my teeth or do any normal morning stuff. 

Extremely pathetic, or just a little?

Don't answer that.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Photos

As much as I love to tell you all about our weekend, I have a sick child on my hands (not literally on my hands, he's currently in bed. thank goodness!) so Im a little short on time and energy. This is his first cold. Or whatever it is, and let me tell you, it SUCKS! He cries constantly and can't sleep. I feel so bad because there's nothing I can do. 

Here is a short little recap on what we did when we weren't waking up with a crying baby in the beginning, middle and end of the night. 

We had movie night on Friday and got snuggle on the couch, 
spent Saturday morning shopping and exploring new stores such as the Goodstore, and my first pawn shop experience! (Which was amazing! I bought a canon zoom lense for my Rebel XSI for $27!), we attended a friends BBQ which was lovely and I got to see a sweet new 6 week old baby, and Sunday I got have breakfast all alone with my dear friend Kelly (Elle) who I just adore so much to celebrate her birthday!

 {Movie night}

The Goodstore is a new thrift store on Main, here in downtown Mesa, and you pay by the pound! It's really neat. They weigh your goods to determine what you owe. Everything is $2.49 a pound.

{Dave and Owyn at the Goodstore}

{me after the BBQ when I thought I broke my camera. dont worry, I didn't}

{Breakfast at  Inside the Bungalow . Did I mention this is where we're considering saying our vows?}

{Elle and I at Inside the Bungalow

I love Elle. She's the greatest friend a girl could ask for. And she keep me very entertained. 

Saturday, August 21, 2010

It's True. Mom's Can't Have Anything Nice.

Looks Owyn found my Ever Hip Liberty of London for MAC lipstick. 

And I only got one Spring use out of it. 

: (

Doesn't he know it's a limited edition!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Welp, my summer is officially over. 
And I never even made it to the beach. 

I can't believe it's already over. 
Didn't it just start? I'm so confused!

I started my internship last week (which I absolutely LOVE) and I start school this Thursday. 
Last week at my internship, for now Ill refer to it as MCA (Mesa Contemporary Art)), I helped de-install the current exhibitions. I very carefully took the art off the walls, packaged them up and made sure everything was in pristine condition all while wearing white gloves, of course. Just like the professionals do.  I was so afraid of breaking something and then getting fired. Luckily, I did no such thing. And everyone there is way too nice. Yesterday I went back and painted one of the galleries. An entire gallery by myself.

I'm really excited about this Fall. 
I have some great courses and lots of Fall activities planned. 
This semester I'm taking Museum Educators, Northern Baroque Art History and Volunteer Management. 


The first thing we have planned for Fall is a Labor Day vacation in San Diego with Grand-dude and Wendy. Id really like to go sailing while we're there. Dad, could you set that up? Thanks. 
My next vacation will be in Nashville to spend time with my sister before she gives birth to sweet little Riley girl. I can't wait! I will be going October 17-25. Her due date is the 22 so I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that Ill be there for delivery! There's nothing in the world that compares to being around a brand new baby. 

We also have tickets to a few concerts. 
We get to see RATATAT and The National.
Dave, lucky son of a gun, gets to go see... wait for it... 
Sufjan Stevens! I'm not that jealous though because Ill be in Nashville. Can't beat that. This guy got a seat in the second row!!! Lucky, right? He was afraid he wouldn't even get a ticket because the venue is so small. The venue just happens to be at MCA. Ironic? I think so. No, I didn't get him a discount. Sad to say. Dave only got one ticket. He was going to surprise me with them but I pulled it out of him the day before the tickets went on sale and I had to break the news that I couldn't go. He was pretty upset. He claims he isn't gonna have any fun without me and he didn't want to go with anyone else but me, so he only got one. But now that he got such a good ticket, Im sure he's over it. 


Have I mentioned how many birthday's there are in the Fall?
Well, a lot. 

My Mom, Dad, Brother, Best Friend, Dave, oh and of course, my new niece!
Whew, I'm gonna be so broke from buying gifts!

Have I also mentioned that one of best friends of all time is getting married! And I'm in the wedding! Yes, well it's true. In November. So I'm sure Ill be dedicating a lot of my Fall time to bridesmaid duties. Which I love!


For now, I'm gonna start off my Fall spending as much time as possible cuddling this kid and scrubbing my toilets and floors. These are my favorite days. 

(my BFF colored my hair. Do you like it? Id say she did a phenomenal job.  She's a professional. No, really. She is.)

<3 <3 <3 <3

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Activities

How was your weekend?? I hope it was GRAND!

I started my weekend off with searching for a wedding venue. 
This comes with lots of excitement and stress. I actually had a mini-panic attack (i think) Friday night while writing out a to-do list and researching pricing. Yikes! Wedding are so expensive! I just want my dress, honeymoon and husband!

I noticed a strange, familiar and comforting emotion this weekend.
Happiness! It began to strike me as I was singing as loud as possible in my car (while every one of my favorite songs would play shuffled on my I Pod. Isn't that the best!), smiling at just about everyone I made eye contact with,  was extremely chattery, and feeling less like gossiping. 
That's one thing that that just YELLS "im an unhappy miserable person!!!". Gossip and talking crap about people. I'm not one who usually does it (except to my sister, cause, well, she's my sister. we all have our person) because A) it only makes you look bad, B) I don't usually think bad things about people (there's always other sides or other things you dont know or understand, C) I just don't like it! I want to be that person everyone feels like they can talk to or lean on, with out feeling as thought they will be judged, told on, or laughed at. 

I do have to admit though, when I am feeling unhappy, mostly with myself (like my recent rut that has lasted way way too long. Have you noticed by my lack of word in postings?) I find my self gossiping more. I hate it! And after I do it I feel guilty and like a dump ass for days.

Anyway, welcome back, old friend. I hope you stick around for awhile.

Isn't it so nice to feel truly happy? I think the feeling comes when you realize that you have a really fantastic life. When you love your family, friends, jobs, school, clothes, cute house, toddler, etc and if you could choose to have any life, you'd still choose your own.

Here are some pictures from my lovely weekend:

The venue I toured.

Owyn and I on our way to the family birthday party. Sorry no pics. I feel strange posting pics of my family and their children without permission. Id feel even stranger asking them for permission.

Owyn watching/delegating Daddy cleaning up the yard.

Hey Chelsea, How's the House Coming Along?

Oh, why thank you for asking. 
It's coming along well! We definitely taken a step back from project and decorating, due to the need of some relaxation, but we have began the process of putting together our family room and Dave's band room. 

Dave decided he wanted the back master bedroom we use as a guest suite for his band room. As long as there's a bed in there for my family I don't care what happens to it!

We just moved all his stuff into the room and we havn't started decorating, but Ill keep you posted on all my fun crafty projects I am planning. 

Family Room:
I have major plans for this big clunker.
It may involve paint, curtains (instead of doors), re-decorating (or just decorating since we clearly have not done anything but throw things onto it) and a TV!
Guest Master/Band Room

 (We were going to get a pull out sofa, but instead, I turned our guest bed into a deep couch/day bed)
(this room is quite a mess)

BTW, if you're wondering where this band stuff is, it's on the opposite wall. But who wants to see a picture of stacked amps?

Hall bathroom and my bathroom:

the hall bath and my master bath is still coming along. We did finally hang my mirrors and chandelier though. 

Owyn's Room: 

We replaced the rocking chair with one of our big comfy chairs and got him a crazy soft fluffy rug.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

New Duds

I promised Owyn Id take him on a shopping spree for his Bday once the glorious H&M opened in Scottsdale. The kid didn't have a lot of clothes and nothing fit him good. It was either too big or too small. He was like the poor kid that wears the same thing every other day.

  I finally had time today to take him over to scottsdale to run a few errands, shop and stop by the new Ted Baker to say hello to some friends. 

Let me tell you, it's a good thing H&M is so affordable because someone wanted everything!

My boy is the coolest kid on the block. 

check out that loot!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Everyday my frustration seems to grow, yet decrease, by my nonexistent slef-cleanliness.  (It depends on whether I think about it or not)

Evey single day I sacrifice my own self cleanliness for my homes. Im pretty sure it's a prerequisite for becoming a mother. 

Interview with the man up stairs goes:
The Man: "oh, you don't like to shower, or ever do your hair

Applicant: "Oh, not at all! I usually just roll out of bed at the crack of dawn and run my fingers through it. Make-up? What is that?"


okay, okay. 
Sorry to disappoint you prospective mothers, but we don't actually have the opportunity to have an interview with The Man. But don't we all wish we did, not only to actually meet him in person before you know when (although Id be happy to take a phone interview. Heck, Id be happy to do a live chat on the internet!) but don't we all wish there was some sort of interview?? I always see women with young children and my heart just aches for them. The children that are walking behind their mother with 5 other children on busy main street. (by biggest concern! I hate when mothers let their children walk behind them out of their sight).

Anyway, back to the important stuff..
Every morning I wake up with the same momentum as Peach from Nemo.  Goodmorning everyone! The sun is shining the tank is clean!.. and I am... ..... ahhh! the tank is clean!!!(in shock, expecting/hoping the tank would be dirty to finally succeed in the many plans taken to escape the drudgery of living in a tank. )

.. that being me waking up thinking this exact day will somehow be different from every other day and I will actually get to shower and, I don't know, maybe blow dry my hair.)

HA! Only in my dreams. I found myself texting Dave in desperation today.. 
 Me: I can't keep up with the cleaning! Everytime I turn around Owyn has a new mess!
Dave:  I know, babe, don't worry about it, ill help you out when you get home. 
Me: No, that's not the point! I don't want cleaning to be this big of a deal! I just don't want to have to clean  r 2 days! That's all! No one cleans for 2 days!

I don't think Dave understands that homes with children in them are usually messy. (sorry Dave for calling you out like that). Id love to take a poll of how many mothers of walking sons have their houses clean AND make dinner every night (oh, not to mention, work a job, have an internship and go to school full-time). Well count me in on that very small poll, because I DO! And its tough! Once he gets home I crash and I want to do nothing but sit on my big butt and read my book or even stare at the ceiling until I fall asleep. Wouldn't that be nice!

Do have any idea what it is like getting ready with an Owyn??
Let me tell you..

It all starts off with the changing and the feeding, blah blah blah..
then you get into the shower. but no, they want to shower too! So, you let them in and of course, you don:t get to shave your visible leg hairs because they are getting cranky. You get out and put the daily after shower lotion on (who am I kidding? Daily? HAH!) then they want the lotion, so you give it to them, walk into the bathroom, sit along the side of the tub and start shaving your leg. Oh, wait, forget about that. He wants the razor (yeah right kid, like Im really gonna give this to you?) It doesn't end after you attemp to shave your legs. He want my tooth brush, my hair brush and everything else I don"t want him to have. By the time I get around to sitting on my bathroom floor to do my make up in the mirrors I have to get up 5 times just to find it. Even though I keep my make-up nicely organized in a bag everything is missing. For example, today, I found my bobbi brown moisturizer in the living room, foundation brush on the entertainment center in the family room, eye brow tweezers in my room on the floor, MAC blush in my cupboard in the kitchen and the rest spread all over my bathroom. I had to fight him for my eye liner and struggle to see through the finger prints on the mirrors. I finally gave up and went into work looking like the usually. 

This is the usual convo I first encounter at work..

Employee: "Chelsea, there's somthing on you here"

Me: "Oh crap! that's just from my son this morning."

This is all very silly. And no matter what that child does, he's the cutest thing ever and has my heart. But trust me when I tell you this... It really does get to you!


{Owyn painting the town (or bathroom) red (/orange?)}

Monday, August 9, 2010

Date night

Dave and I were lucky enough to go out on a date last Friday. 
It was so fun. 

We both got home from work at the same time, Owynless, and weren't really sure what to do with ourselves. We had just canceled our cable a few days prior (that crap is toxic!) and my trusty computer had just broke (officially) the morning before. (My computer has been broken since the month I bought it back in January 2008 but I've always been able to take it apart, fix the problem and reassemble for another month's worth of computing. Only this time, the cords ripped off the power button, making it impossible to turn on. What a tragic day it was.) We had plans for 10pm but I was getting antsy waiting around. For 3 long hours I roamed the house looking for things I could do. I started thinking I should go hangout with Owyn until our plans began. Dave was well occupied with his new VOX amp, electric guitar and assortment of petals (Money Bags, I like to call him). I sat on the couch watching him fiddle around. I began thinking we should bring the party to our house. I was definitely ready for company (since I had the time to clean up, take my make-up just to put it on fresh again and spent an unmentionable time trying on outfits. It felt like the old college studio apartment days when Dave would take me on dates.) and our house was louder than the usual bar. Dave decided to go big when purchasing his amp. He'd say, "I just want to hear how loud it gets". I felt like my hair was blowing with each beat and my eye lids would twitch by the ghastly noise. 

Eventually, after entertaining myself by making my stomach rolls dance to the music (don't act like you've never done it! I was having one of those fat days), I got the call from my friend instructing us to cruise over. I instantly jumped in the passenger seat, buckled up and waited for Dave on our hot car port. It was quite pathetic. I didn't realize how much time and concentration Owyn demanded and received from me all day everyday. 

Once we were out we had a really good time. We went to our friends house who just so happens to be the couple who introduced me and Dave (it was their house we officially met at) and walked our way to 2 bars near for a couple beers. And maybe 1 margarita. Oh, and guacamole. Yumm..

It's nice spending time with Dave. Not Daddy, but Dave. Well their both nice, but every once in a while it's good to hang out with my buddy again -worry free (aka: slig-free). Thanks Grandma G for letting Owyn spend the night! He loves it over there.

{I was nervous going into the picture booth. I had never done it before and Im not very creative when it comes to faces. So we planned it out before we inserted our dollars. Well, Skyler planned and I practiced.)


The other day I walked past our guest room and heard a buzz. 
I instantly recognized the sound and ran into the. Yep. I knew there was something going on in there that hadn't gotten my approval. Dave was buzzing my sweet little boys hair off! Owyn is infamous for his hair. How could he do such a thing?? 

So, I didn't let him cut off the top. We left a very mohawk for Owyn rock for a while. 
That is, until we decided he looked like white trash kid and buzzed the entire thing off this morning before Owyn went over to his grandma's. We did't want her to see her sweet little grandson with such an absurd do.



Isn't he the most handsome thing you've ever seen??

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding Planning

This wedding planning thing is a lot harder than I anticipated. 
First thing- BUDGET! How does one set a budget? 
It's probably the toughest thing yet. 

Also, why do photographers cost so much?
It's too bad I cant do it myself. 

Dave and I always saw ourselves eloping in the wine country. 
It's just so us. But now, we're starting to think differently. 
Dave really wants to share the special moment with our family. And we really want to have an outside reception with the tons of friends and family we have. Oh and, it'll be a lot less expensive to have the ceremony and reception together. There is one thing we're set on. Honeymoon in EUROPE! I figure now is the time to see all of the amazing artifacts and monuments I study endlessly in my text books. After this year I will be graduated and plan on getting a "real job" and having more sligs (aka, babies!). The thing I love so much about my major is Art History. Seeing and learning about it gives me buterflies in my stomach. Sometimes, like when Id learn about medeival peices associated with the poem "The Dream of the Rood" Id get teary eyed. Being able to see this history in life would be life-changing.

So now we're having a hard time deciding..

inexpensive ceremony/reception here and honeymoon in Europe 
elope and do a "mini moon" in Napa and return home for a reception followed by a European honeymoon whenever we get around to it-meaning, probably not gonna happen for a while.


This is why we need to set a BUDGET!

Oh and P.S. - We're planning a Spring wedding. 
March 18th if everything works out. 
Mark your calanders!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

One Toddler with Many Capabilities

He cleans our patio...

he drives AND turns up the air at the SAME time..

and plays guitar. 

These are just a few of his many talents.