Thursday, May 3, 2012

Ramblings about Nesting

The nesting process has begun! 
This baby is going to be here in no time. 

It's so bitter sweet pulling out all of Owyn's old tiny clothes. Wasn't that just yesterday that he was making these mysterious yellow stains? You never know what the source is with those newborn clothes. Is it milk, spit up, amniotic fluid?? Gross..
He has been so cute about becoming a big brother. He is so helpful and excited. As he was looking around at his room completely covered in baby stuff he stopped and said "baby's gonna pop out", as if he had some sort of revelation, and I think he finally realized that this baby is going to come join this family! 

I have gotten all of the clothes organized and ready to be put into a dresser. We are getting ready for a yard sale to get rid of all the clutter going on in the closets, cause you know babies bring a lot of clutter! We also found a preschool through multiple recommendations that we will hopefully be trying out very soon just to get Owyn acclimated so it's not too much of a shock throwing him in right when baby is born. And most importantly, we are going on a few vacations or "baby moons" before he comes. CAN. NOT. WAIT. Swimsuits, sun screen, virgin pina coladas, oh my!

In other news, which is old news, but untold news, I have Placenta Previa, but it's only a partial so I haven't been worrying about it, just staying on "pelvic rest". They say in most partial cases the placenta moves out of the way as the uterus grows. Last night I was observing my not-so-large belly and realized, oh crap, I'm not gonna get very big again. I was so small when I had Owyn so it makes me worry that my uterus won't grow enough to move the placenta out of the way. Let's pray that it does because I do not want to go on bed rest at 32 weeks and get a C-section. yikes! 
I have an ultra sound in a couple weeks to check the status which will let us know what's to come. Fingers crossed!