Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Full Year of OWYN!

I'm so obsessed with this kid. 
Can you blame me?

He has filled 2010 with love, joy, growth, learning and excitement.
I'm excited to see what 2011 brings us.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Day- In Pictures

  Christmas Morning:
 We spent opening gifts

 Christmas Day:
 We spent with Dave's family 

 {Owyn was cranky after his nap}

 Christmas Night: 
We spent with my aunts, uncles, grandparents and cousins. 

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve- In Pictures

Okay, so I know I post a lot of pictures. Well, I take a lot of pictures and Im a very indecisive person so I can never chose just one or two. I realized I post to many once Blogger didn't let me upload any more until I purchased more storage through Picasa. Don't worry, I have plenty of space now! 
Here are some pictures from our lovely Christmas Eve. 
I love Christmas Eve almost more than Christmas. It's the anticipation. 
After working Eve morning (boo) we made our rounds of dropping off gifts. In the night we ( Owyn and I) baked holiday cookies for the Christmas party. He was such a big help. We then walked to Temple lights. I LOVE where we live. We like just a couple blocks away from the temple and downtown. The houses all around have so much character and I discover a new one everyday. Owyn loved the Temple lights and had such a good time running around like a big boy. And for myself, it really got me into the holiday spirit and reminded me of the great importance of the birth of our Savior. (Even though we're not LDS). 

Following tradition, we each opened one gift Christmas Eve night. Owyn- Lego's from Grandma G, Me- new ruffled duvet cover, Dave- Van's.   We also watched a Charlie Brown Christmas. 

 {opening his first gift}
              {me and my duvet}                               {Owyn helping me bake cookies}
 {AZ Temple}
 {Me and my baby <3}
               {Walking home}           {Owyn not wanting to put the stroller away}

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Break

I sure haven't been posting very often, have I?
There's a reason. His name is Owyn. He likes to keep me very busy.
This age of his is a funny age. He's been doing the cutest things that always have me taken but he's also been learning how to test the limits. Not as cute. His new temper tantrums are even less cute. Still pretty funny though.

These are a few cute things he's been doing:

Playing drums on his tummy when he's walking around the house looking for trouble.
Wearing our shoes around the house.
Hiding (mostly under my bathroom sink)
Making me follow him to our room so he can get on our bed and crawl under the covers to go night-night.
Trying to ride the dog like a horse.
Patting backs when hugging like we do to him.
Packing a grocery bag with goodies and carrying it around screaming "BYE" as if he's going to work like daddy. (he can't say bye, he only yells it)
Brushing his teeth for 5 seconds then spitting 5 times and repeating. 

Yesterday he laid next to the tree. I thought, awe how cute, he wants to look up at the lights and ornaments. Then, he kept scooting his body closer and closer. The I realized he had his hand reaching to the gifts and was trying to unwrap them! He's so sneaky!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Latest Projects and Plans

I'm so happy I have a break from school for a month. I've already began a few projects. 
This weekends included:

 Matted botanical prints on antique dictionary paper. 
They hang in our bedroom. But I think I want 3 more. 

I also have some news to share about my Spring plans. 

a. I got a new job! A really great job. I will be the assistant Art Educator at the ASU Art Museum starting in January. I'm thrilled! I will finally get a pay check and will be getting the best experience.

b. I recently realized that I'm only 2 credits away from getting my B.A. in Art History and since I have been planning on graduating with my B.A. in Museum Studies in May, I'm going to continue into Summer (possibly Fall) and double major. Therefore I will have 2 B.A.'s. Exciting right?

So now I have to begin the petition process to prove that I am a good candidate for a dual major.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wedding Ispriation: Colors

School is done. over! Yippee!

Time to daydream about my wedding!

One question I often get regarding the wedding is 
"have you chosen your colors"
The answer is yes! All colors! 
Hello, its an outdoor Spring wedding. All colors are too beautiful and what would Spring be without being bombarded with a variety of colors? As long as it can be found in a flower that grows in Spring, it's made my list!

This girl knows whats up:

My bridesmaids (although only two) will get to wear whatever they want. 
As long as it fits into the look I want, I don't care.
Everyone has a different style and body shape, why tell them what they have to wear? 

We want this day to be fun.
We don't want to focus on the details
because that will distract us from what the importance of the day really is.

I'm starting to get pretty excited!

Just Becausre I Love Them.

{Grabbing the newspaper and going to work.}

P.S. After today, I am free from school!! 
For a month, at least.

Monday, December 6, 2010

One Room, Many Purposes

Dave went on a "deep cleaning" rant this weekend. His words, not mine.
He re-arranged "his room" and finally started putting it all together. It's also our guest room and office. We also use it's bathroom to shower. We have two master bedrooms, this one and ours, but we like the shower in this room more.

A while ago he told me he knew what he wanted to do with it. He said he wanted to put collages on the wall of "weird ass sh*t".

Hmm.. strange. I started wondering what my parents will be thinking while laying in a bed surrounded by these weird ass things. 

Well, luckily, the result isn't as strange as I expected it to be. But still pretty strange. 
But, it's his room and I did get to decorate every other room in the house.

{can you find all the images with Owyn in them?}