Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Latest Projects and Plans

I'm so happy I have a break from school for a month. I've already began a few projects. 
This weekends included:

 Matted botanical prints on antique dictionary paper. 
They hang in our bedroom. But I think I want 3 more. 

I also have some news to share about my Spring plans. 

a. I got a new job! A really great job. I will be the assistant Art Educator at the ASU Art Museum starting in January. I'm thrilled! I will finally get a pay check and will be getting the best experience.

b. I recently realized that I'm only 2 credits away from getting my B.A. in Art History and since I have been planning on graduating with my B.A. in Museum Studies in May, I'm going to continue into Summer (possibly Fall) and double major. Therefore I will have 2 B.A.'s. Exciting right?

So now I have to begin the petition process to prove that I am a good candidate for a dual major.