Thursday, December 23, 2010

Winter Break

I sure haven't been posting very often, have I?
There's a reason. His name is Owyn. He likes to keep me very busy.
This age of his is a funny age. He's been doing the cutest things that always have me taken but he's also been learning how to test the limits. Not as cute. His new temper tantrums are even less cute. Still pretty funny though.

These are a few cute things he's been doing:

Playing drums on his tummy when he's walking around the house looking for trouble.
Wearing our shoes around the house.
Hiding (mostly under my bathroom sink)
Making me follow him to our room so he can get on our bed and crawl under the covers to go night-night.
Trying to ride the dog like a horse.
Patting backs when hugging like we do to him.
Packing a grocery bag with goodies and carrying it around screaming "BYE" as if he's going to work like daddy. (he can't say bye, he only yells it)
Brushing his teeth for 5 seconds then spitting 5 times and repeating. 

Yesterday he laid next to the tree. I thought, awe how cute, he wants to look up at the lights and ornaments. Then, he kept scooting his body closer and closer. The I realized he had his hand reaching to the gifts and was trying to unwrap them! He's so sneaky!