Monday, December 6, 2010

One Room, Many Purposes

Dave went on a "deep cleaning" rant this weekend. His words, not mine.
He re-arranged "his room" and finally started putting it all together. It's also our guest room and office. We also use it's bathroom to shower. We have two master bedrooms, this one and ours, but we like the shower in this room more.

A while ago he told me he knew what he wanted to do with it. He said he wanted to put collages on the wall of "weird ass sh*t".

Hmm.. strange. I started wondering what my parents will be thinking while laying in a bed surrounded by these weird ass things. 

Well, luckily, the result isn't as strange as I expected it to be. But still pretty strange. 
But, it's his room and I did get to decorate every other room in the house.

{can you find all the images with Owyn in them?}