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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zoo Days

Yesterday I decided to advantage of the beautiful morning and take Owyn to the Zoo. 
Since we're members, we get in an hour early and within that hour I saw 2 elderly folks getting exercise and that was about all the human contact we had. We were the only ones around. It was pretty awesome. We stayed over by the petting zoo the entire time we were there, sitting on the tractors. Of course. This week Owyn's obsession is tractors. 

My hours were recently reduced at work and I am starting to get a little bored. 
I think we've gone to the grocery store every day this week. 
And I've gone to the car wash twice this week.
 I never like going into work (who does?), but now that I rarely do I'm starting to feel very lost. 
It gives me time to think about all the thing I want to do and be and it's bringing me down. And not to mention way too much time on facebook and blogs.
must. stay. busy!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Yesterday I got an itch to finally paint my mantel. 
We've been putting it off because we knew it'd be a huge job. And, it was. 
Luckily I had my little helper.

I took the right side and he took the left side. 
Clearly, he helped out a whole lot. 

Now I want to get a big work of art to rest on top. 
I have my eye on a Nativity Scene I've been wanting forever.

I also really want to paint the brick but I'm scared Ill regret it. 
What do you think? Paint, or not paint?

Please Fall, Come Quicker

We have been experiencing those perfect Fall mornings. 
It only lasts until about 8:30 but hey, Ill take it. After all it has been high 90's in the mornings for months now.

Isn't it crazy how nice weather effects everyone so much? I couldn't imagine how happy and healthy everyone would be if we had nice weather all the time.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello again Monday.

Here we are, another Monday. 
I hate Mondays because all the fun from the weekend ends (or gets put on hold until next weekend) and Dave goes back to work.
I love Mondays because the museums are closed, meaning no work for me. Ever. And I get to spend all day long with Owyn. 

I'm sad that this weekend had to end because it was such a good one. 
Thursday we went to the concert.
Friday was Dave's birthday and Owyn and I went with friends to a Bouncy House! 
Saturday we made an awesome steak dinner. 
Sunday we spent with friends and celebrated a friends 4th birthday! 

Another thing we did this weekend was book our honeymoon! 
Hip hip HOORAY!

*sucking in helium and making Owyn laugh*

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Date Night with Fleet Foxes AND Bon Iver

Hello there! 
Dave and I had a super hot date the other night. 
We, and everyone else in this metropolis we call home, went to see Fleet Foxes AND Bon Iver show. 

Okay first things first. Dave and I are going crazy by people pronouncing Bon Iver wrong. 
Please, go here for proper pronunciation.(Is this bitchy? Sorry..)

Okay, moving on.. 
remember last time we saw Bon Iver? When I had long dark hair and bangs?
It was our first concert after Owyn was born, and earth shaking. He is AMAZING live. 

And remember last time we saw Fleet Foxes? Just a couple months ago?

We had such an awesome time. 
We were right behind the control panels, above the huge crowd and right in the middle, so our view was perfect and we didn't have to stand. This concert was a BIG one. I like how small the other ones were.

I've said it before and I'll say it again..
I LOVE my alone time with Dave!
We have way too much fun together. It's like, hey you, man I fell in love with, there you are! It's easy to forget about the person behind the parent when you become parents. Not that I don't absolutely adore Dave as Daddy, because I do! I believe it is very important to spend time together as Chelsea and Dave, away from being Mom and Dad. Our relationship is the glue to this entire family. And you know what? One day, it's hard to imagine, I know.. one day, it's just going to be us again.


My mind is set on re-decorating my house. My style has changed and I want my home to reflect that taste.

It might also be because my mind is board? Dave gets frustrated with me sometimes because I always have to be planning things and changing things. I always have him helping me set stuff up or asking his opinions on stuff. I blame it on my mom. :)

So yes, the changes are coming. Our new bed is the first change we've made so far. I'm so excited to do everything else! Now, if only I could come across some funding for my new ambition.

P.S. sorry if this post looks weird, I'm waiting for dave's cars oil to be changed and detailed and its my first post from my phone. Wow, this is boring.

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Happy Birthday Husband!

Happy 30th Birthday to my lovely husband! 

Dave has waited years to be able to wear this shirt that was given to his dad for his 30th birthday, back in the day. The picture looks just like the picture I've seen of him! Pretty awesome.

I am pretty lame and didn't have anything planned for him. I suck. I should have had a huge surprise party or something. I tried to distract him by giving him his favorite things. A.) Stone IPA B.) Red Wine C.) Awesome Steaks D.) Boston Creme Pie ( oh wait, that my favorite thing). It seemed to have done the job for now. 

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wedding Photography

Have you SEEN??

The amazing Langs have posted pictures from our wedding. 
I'm sure you you've seen, if you follow Stacie, which you'd be crazy not to.


Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm sad to see this weekend go. 
I was pretty worried about how the weekend began.
On Friday it was one of those days where you struggle ( in other words, you struggle with the toddler) to get out of the house. Finally, hours later we were on our way to a friends house to do some serious thrift shopping. Before I got there, my work called me expressing their concern on why I haven't shown up for work the past two days, so, I had to turn around and go to work. 

Then, when I walked in my front door after returning from work I smelled a very familiar smell... 
a bad one.. 
Turns out, Mitzi had gone poop (#3!) all over our nicest rugs. Not just one.
That sure put a damper on my weekend, let me tell ya. 

I did what any girl would do and cried, had a little tissy and saved it for when Dave came home. 
Only, we somehow forgot about it and went to a friends house for a dinner party without cleaning the rugs. Is that sick, or what? (Before you judge too much, I did have the rugs pulled outside)

In the end, we had a really great weekend and were able to salvage the rugs. 
I even got to rearrange the front room after the rug was cleaned. 

Owyn spent the good part of his weekend watching dirt bike videos on YouTube. Strange, I know. That's all he wants to do. 
He likes to watch real dirt bike videos and hold a toy dirt bike in his hand. If he doesn't have one in hand, he yells at us with his arm out, but eyes on the screen. He does the same thing with skateboard videos and guitar videos. 

Remembering 9/11

Today we went any admired the flags and America's patriotism  at the Tempe Beach Park. 
It was really neat going and seeing all the flags, but when I thought of each flag as a persons life lost, it really changed my perspective. Each flag had a tag with someones name on them and a little about them. I wish I could have read every one of them. 

This car was parked in front of us. I was wondering if they keep that 9-11 sticker on all the time, or just for today?

I'm sure everyone remembers what they were doing while the towers were hit. I was getting ready for school and was watching it on the news, and then had to catch my bus for Junior High! Either time is flying by, or I am still pretty young, because it feels like it was yesterday.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Stormy Night

Tonight we are enjoying a lovely, much longed for, rainy shower. 

Of course, when the rain started pouring down, we were out at MCA's Season Kick Off.
We ran into the theatres, grabbed a beer and waited it out until it was light enough to run back to the car. We got home and had a little photo shoot.

 It is actually chilly outside, guys. This is EXCITING stuff! 
Fall is on its way

 This means I need to work steady hours to buy my new Fall wardrobe!
I have 2 weeks off from work, that is not good for my clothes fund.. not at all.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

C to the G

I am now a Gramp. 
It feels so strange. Did anyone else feel different when they changed their name? I look at this picture of me, in my wedding gown and say, " Chelsea Gramp" and feel as though I'm looking at a stranger. I'm kinda likin' it. It's like I have a new identity. And I can be whoever I want.

I didn't think I'd feel any differently towards Dave (and it might be because it's only been a few days), but I do. I have a stronger respect and bond towards him.  He is my husband and I will forever be his.


Have you been to the MIM? You should probably head over there. Right now. 
I'm pretty sure Dave and Owyn were in heaven. Dave took 130 pictures. Seriously. They are both obsessed with instruments.I was a little concerned about how Owyn would behave at a museum full of them but I've never seen him so well behaved in his life. I've been taking him with me to museums since he was born so he understands not to touch anything or go behind bars but a building full of guitars, pianos and horns? He went from one thing to the next in awe but kept his distance and never tried to pull any sneaky moves. He was loving life.

If you ever decide to go, give yourself at least 3 hours and make sure you hit up the cafe.