Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Left overs

 (I am in LOVE with our new backyard. We have been spending all of our time back there. Thank you DAD!)
We have a TON of left over beer and taco goodness from the street taco cart we had at the wedding, so we've been inviting friends to come finish it up with us. I must say, I am loving the friend time. Why don't we always have kegs and a fridge full of meat? 

Tonight we had our friends Jamie, Nic and their young one Jimi Jaden over. The kids played and we drank. I love them! Dave and I met through mutual friends. Before I got to know him I knew he'd be an good person because every single person in that group of friends has a beautiful spirit. There's not a single person I could say something bad about.

Dave goes back to work tomorrow and I am sad :(
We've been livin' up the newlywed life.

Luckily he's only going back for 2 days and then it's the weekend again!
I can't wait to show you all picture of the wedding and tell you all about it. 
It was absolutely beautiful. Like a dream. 

The most beautiful part about it is the love that we share for each other.