Saturday, September 17, 2011

Date Night with Fleet Foxes AND Bon Iver

Hello there! 
Dave and I had a super hot date the other night. 
We, and everyone else in this metropolis we call home, went to see Fleet Foxes AND Bon Iver show. 

Okay first things first. Dave and I are going crazy by people pronouncing Bon Iver wrong. 
Please, go here for proper pronunciation.(Is this bitchy? Sorry..)

Okay, moving on.. 
remember last time we saw Bon Iver? When I had long dark hair and bangs?
It was our first concert after Owyn was born, and earth shaking. He is AMAZING live. 

And remember last time we saw Fleet Foxes? Just a couple months ago?

We had such an awesome time. 
We were right behind the control panels, above the huge crowd and right in the middle, so our view was perfect and we didn't have to stand. This concert was a BIG one. I like how small the other ones were.

I've said it before and I'll say it again..
I LOVE my alone time with Dave!
We have way too much fun together. It's like, hey you, man I fell in love with, there you are! It's easy to forget about the person behind the parent when you become parents. Not that I don't absolutely adore Dave as Daddy, because I do! I believe it is very important to spend time together as Chelsea and Dave, away from being Mom and Dad. Our relationship is the glue to this entire family. And you know what? One day, it's hard to imagine, I know.. one day, it's just going to be us again.