Monday, January 31, 2011

Gifts from Grandma

My Grandma I always has a pile of things to send home with me for the next time I stop by. Both of my grandma's know me so well. I feel like we all have the same taste in things. Remember when my Grandma N gave me these doilies?

My latest possession has been basic white plate that I've been wanting and an antique china set. I found the perfect place for them in the cupboard in the dining room. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Weekend Bliss

Weekend activities included: 
Clean house
Wash dog
Water yard

My favortie part was having breakfast with a ghost

Party with the B's

Saturday we were lucky enough to celebrate a couple birthday with my lovely family from my mothers side. I love them. It's always a good time, never a dull moment. Owyn was on his (least) best behavior but of course had all the woman drooling over him. What a ham!

Happy Birthday to Grandpa John, Uncle Josh and cousin Aiden. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

No Words. Only Emotion.

Okay, okay, lame post title I know.
Sometimes Dave says this to me as if it's a very serious matter. To be funny of course. 
Maybe because I talk to much? It usually comes when I'm worked up and begin the speed talking. Who knows. Either way, it's funny.

P.S. Do you like how my son is in his dismantled clothing with only one sock on and bed head? Oh and by the way... this is a 5pm. When I left the house at 8:30am he looked exactly like this. I guess this is what you get with a SAHD (stay at home dad). Dave stayed home sick again with a migraine. I guess I don't blame him. I wouldn't even have gotten out of bed. Im sure Owyn could survive off the dog food and water bowl for a day. That would be his dream come ture!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Let Spring be Sprung

Who's excited for Spring?? I am! 
And not only because it's my birthday season.

I love Spring. Everything about it! 
I've been prepping my wardrobe/style with all my Spring 'must haves'. 

So far my favorites are: 

Peach lipstick 

These Lucky ballet flats (most comfy shoes Ive ever owned)

High bun

These high waist jean and these trouser jeans I just purchased

And these take first place on my wish list.

I'm trying to get myself to be more adventurous when it comes to shoes. 
I always stick to the flats. I love a good flat, but it's starting to get pretty boring. I don't even know why I wear flats so often. Obviously being taller than Dave could be considered an issue but neither of us care and we're barely out together anyway. (For those of you who don't know me, I'm not a 'giant' (which I have been called before which baffled me because I never thought I'd be categorized as one of those) I am 5'6 1/2".)

Sick Days

As much as I don't like being sick, it is nice to take a break. 
Yesterday Dave stayed home and we got to relax, and eat Chick-fil-a for lunch and go on an afternoon walk. Our poor Mitzi is sick too. She has a very bad ear infection. :( 
Owyn seems to be the only healthy one around here.

 I can't wait for our irrigation to start back up again so we can have a green lawn and lush trees. Our trees look out of control! They are overflowing the back yard.

Side note: No one can ever find our door. Everyone comes to the side door over by the car port. Does it really seem that hard to find the front door?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Buffet + Skee-ball + Children = Sickness!

This weekend I had one of those ticks to get out of the house and do something fun. 
There's not a whole lot of options when you have an 18 month old crazy child. So, Saturday night we went to Amazing Jake's. I was hesitant but I really wanted Owyn to have a good time. We were totally ripped off, ate a nasty buffet and were run over by angry greedy little children. All around it was classic good family fun. (It actually was). We took Owyn on the carousel and the train and he loved them. He kept a half-grin on his face and made a continuous high-pitch "eeeeeee" while the ride was running. I was crying in laughter it was so funny.

Last night (Sunday) I went to dinner with some friends and had a great night. Then, I woke up at 2am and began vomiting my guts out. It was the most hard-core sickness I've ever experience. So hard-core my hangy-ball thing in my throat (whatever that thing is called) was so inflamed I couldn't swallow all day today. Thank goodness Dave stayed home from work today to take care of Owyn. As if being sick all night without any sleep wasn't enough, I am now experiencing symptoms of a sinus infection. Wow body, what perfect timing with it being the beginning of the semester and my new job. Way-to-go immune system!

This is why I hate places like Amazing Jake's or any where else children come to fester. 
Yes, I am pointing all of my blame on that place. So shoot me! 

By the way, what's with parents bringing their sick children out? 
It's really starting to annoy me. 

As much as I'd like to (and have already) complained, we really did have a good time.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Night at the Museum

Friday night was another opening reception at MCA.
This one was for the 32nd Annual Craft Exhibit and was my first time setting up the layout. 
There's nothing I enjoy more (work wise) than de/installing exhibition. Taking down art, running condition reports, packing it up, patching/painting walls, unpacking art, setting up layout and installing. I love all of it. Even if I only had the chance of doing it without getting paid (which is what I do now), I would and be as happy as a clam.

My Grandma N and Great Grandma J surprised me Friday night by showing up to the opening. I was so happy, I almost cried. Literally. That day I was feeling so sorry for myself that none of my friends or family ever comes to the openings. Not only because people aren't coming to see me, naturally, but also because it's sad to see that some people just don't care about something I'm so passionate about. Dave and Owyn also came and that made me feel very special.


Thursday, January 20, 2011

Come and See

Come and see the new exhibition I helped install at MCA. 
The opening reception for the 32nd Annual Craft Show is being held tomorrow night. 
Ill be there. You should too!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


This weekend is my last weekend of rest until May. 
This semester is going to be the busiest one yet. I'm worried because I barely made it out alive last semester  and I wasn't even working as much as I will be or taking my final Research Methods course. I start my new job on Tuesday (we went shopping this weekend for "work clothes"). This semester I get one day off. Mondays. I still haven't figured out when Ill be getting my homework done. But, I get the ultimate vacation in May. I will be finished! Finally! I have worked so hard for this. Whenever I hear anyone complain about not having enough time for something I want to either slap them in the face or laugh at them in their face. So far I've only done the laughing.


Last week we decided to postpone the wedding. Obviously we don't have very much time for either planning or actually having a wedding. We haven't chosen a new date yet. Most likely it will be in the Fall since Summer is too hot. At first I thought it was a really good idea and was the first to suggest it. Then, after we decided I was a little sad (of course because I want to have a wedding and be married) and was worried what people might think. That only lasted a day. I know this is best for us in every way possible. I'd rather have the time and energy to be excited and to plan and execute a perfect wedding to start a healthy happy stress free, debt fee (still having money in our saving account) marriage.


This weekend Owyn has been doing the cutest things. Go figure. 
He has a new favorite hang out spot in our front living room. He likes to hide behind the shutters. He thinks I can't see him. He hides until I "notice he's missing" while looking through. Then he opens them quickly and scares me so bad and jump and screech. Gets me every time.

He has also become obsessed with feet/hand/back tickling (the soft-feel-good kind). He hands me his feet and tickles his own hand to tell me he wants some. He even makes the "aaahhhhh" sound out of pure pleasure. I am forced to tickle his hands until he falls asleep at night. Once his eyes close (which is a for-sure sign of drifting for Owyn) I slowly stop and pull my hand away, only until he stick his little arm between the crib bars and waves it around for more. I've created a monster. This is what I get for trying to teach him how to tickle my hands.


This is hilarious! 

This blog is a parody of these "stay-at-home, non-educated moms" that blog about how perfect their lives and their marriages are. These genius' have it all down perfectly.  They even use misspelled words and overuse exclamation marks. Love it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Little Pony

Dear Grandma I, 
How's it going? I thought you'd enjoy a picture of Owyn on his spring horse you gave him for Christmas. He really loves him. He pushes his ears so he'll talk and sticks his fingers in his mouth while it  moves with the words. The pony says really funny things in a mans voice like "I'm you're little pony friend!" and "I like hugs, when you hug me, you can feel my soft coat" He even sings a song that goes a little something like this.. "I'm a little pony, clippidy clop clippidy clop, such a pretty pony.." This song replays in my head all day long. We all get a kick out of it.

Anyways, Thank you for the Pony. 

<3 Chelsea and Owyn


Monday, January 10, 2011

BFF's at the ZOO!

Last Friday we (Owyn and I) met our friends (Brittany and son Gage) at the PHX Zoo! 
Thanks to Grandma I, we get to go whenever we want and we take full advantage of it. 

We had such a good time and the boys were on their best behavior. 
Owyn and Gage are only 3 days apart. Can you believe it? And Brittany and her adorable family are expecting a little princess in Spring. Brittany is the go-to-mom. I ask her all my questions and advise on parenting. She's got it down.

You can see her super cute family adventures here.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh Wednesday.

{older pic}

The past two days have been incredibly productive. 
I'm walking around this place with my head up high. 

Yesterday I payed bills, completed my payroll paper work for my new job, met with my advisor and completed my GPS (Graduation Planning Sheet) to graduate with my BA in Museum Studies this Spring!! I also turned my petition for concurrent majors and now I'm crossing my fingers and waiting for Herberger to tell me whether they consider me a good candidate or not to have a second major in Art History (only 2 classes needed!).

Today Owyn and I cleaned the ENTIRE house. We do it once a week. Bed sheets, windows, rugs, etc. I took down all of the Christmas decoration and even trimmed all the bushes in the front yard (finally).

Side note: I do not do dishes. It's just not my thing. I unload them (only because it seems like the nice thing to do) but never load. But, today I did. it's the second time I can remember starting the dishwasher in this house and the only reason I remember the last one is because I did the same dumb thing this time. I loaded the dishwasher all proud, started it, and walked away. Later, I walked by and saw it was off. Wow, what a quick dishwasher we have! Then, I realized, it never started. Sad right? I don't even know how to work our dishwasher! I'm not one of those lazy folks though. Other than the dishwasher, trash and sometimes putting away laundy, I do everything else.


Another thing that happened today was the shooting at the mall I work in. 
We don't watch TV in our house so I heard through the grape vine and when I did I was so worried about my co-workers I immediately tried calling them and searching for updated information on the net. Thankfully, everyone was fine, shaken up, of course, but fine. It's so scary to think that your life could completely change at any time. It makes my stomach go in knots.

I'll keep you all updated on graduation/ concurrent major info and wedding updates when i get them :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My New Bibles

Two of my Christmas presents included these two fantastic cookbooks:

The Illustrated Quick Cook
The Illustrated Kitchen Bible

They are the neatest and most user friendly cookbooks I have ever seen. 
I can't wait to use them! I drool while browsing through them everyday. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome, 2011!

This new year is so bitter sweet. 
Everyday brought smiles and joy having Owyn in our lives.

New Year's Eve we decided not to go out (we didn't want Owyn in the car at night on those dangerous roads). Dave made pork ribs and we ate at the table together and said goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011 naming our top favorite moments from 2010 and what we wish to accomplish in 2011. 

Saturday morning we packed up the xB and hit the road to those snowy lopes in Flagstaff. 
We road 2.5 hours to show Owyn the snow for the first time (in his life!) and take him sledding. We were so proud of what a big boy he is becoming. He fully embraced road tripping- snacking, singing, dancing and sleeping. He even spent some time talking on my phone, not sure whom with, and played games. He never fussed once- to and from.

Owyn fell asleep about an hour out of Flag and the moment he woke up we were sitting in the long line to get into the snow park. The first thing he did was look out the window, point, say "that" and laugh. He is too cute. After our snowy adventure (that he loved, until he was cold, then he didn't know what to do with himself) we grabbed a bite for dinner. What better place to take a toddler than to a brewery? No, seriously. It's okay to be loud and misbehave, because many adults are doing the same thing. He sat there in his highchair, one arm resting on the back the entire time, eating with the other and flirting with ALL the ladies. He especially put on "the eyes" for the chick in the highchair next to our table. ** Picture this: Owyn sitting back lounging with one arm resting on the back like Mr. Cool- chicken tender in hand, looking over at the girl in the next highchair and doing a quick wave and a loud "HI!". What a ham! 

I can NEVER get enough!