Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Oh Wednesday.

{older pic}

The past two days have been incredibly productive. 
I'm walking around this place with my head up high. 

Yesterday I payed bills, completed my payroll paper work for my new job, met with my advisor and completed my GPS (Graduation Planning Sheet) to graduate with my BA in Museum Studies this Spring!! I also turned my petition for concurrent majors and now I'm crossing my fingers and waiting for Herberger to tell me whether they consider me a good candidate or not to have a second major in Art History (only 2 classes needed!).

Today Owyn and I cleaned the ENTIRE house. We do it once a week. Bed sheets, windows, rugs, etc. I took down all of the Christmas decoration and even trimmed all the bushes in the front yard (finally).

Side note: I do not do dishes. It's just not my thing. I unload them (only because it seems like the nice thing to do) but never load. But, today I did. it's the second time I can remember starting the dishwasher in this house and the only reason I remember the last one is because I did the same dumb thing this time. I loaded the dishwasher all proud, started it, and walked away. Later, I walked by and saw it was off. Wow, what a quick dishwasher we have! Then, I realized, it never started. Sad right? I don't even know how to work our dishwasher! I'm not one of those lazy folks though. Other than the dishwasher, trash and sometimes putting away laundy, I do everything else.


Another thing that happened today was the shooting at the mall I work in. 
We don't watch TV in our house so I heard through the grape vine and when I did I was so worried about my co-workers I immediately tried calling them and searching for updated information on the net. Thankfully, everyone was fine, shaken up, of course, but fine. It's so scary to think that your life could completely change at any time. It makes my stomach go in knots.

I'll keep you all updated on graduation/ concurrent major info and wedding updates when i get them :)