Sunday, January 16, 2011


This weekend is my last weekend of rest until May. 
This semester is going to be the busiest one yet. I'm worried because I barely made it out alive last semester  and I wasn't even working as much as I will be or taking my final Research Methods course. I start my new job on Tuesday (we went shopping this weekend for "work clothes"). This semester I get one day off. Mondays. I still haven't figured out when Ill be getting my homework done. But, I get the ultimate vacation in May. I will be finished! Finally! I have worked so hard for this. Whenever I hear anyone complain about not having enough time for something I want to either slap them in the face or laugh at them in their face. So far I've only done the laughing.


Last week we decided to postpone the wedding. Obviously we don't have very much time for either planning or actually having a wedding. We haven't chosen a new date yet. Most likely it will be in the Fall since Summer is too hot. At first I thought it was a really good idea and was the first to suggest it. Then, after we decided I was a little sad (of course because I want to have a wedding and be married) and was worried what people might think. That only lasted a day. I know this is best for us in every way possible. I'd rather have the time and energy to be excited and to plan and execute a perfect wedding to start a healthy happy stress free, debt fee (still having money in our saving account) marriage.


This weekend Owyn has been doing the cutest things. Go figure. 
He has a new favorite hang out spot in our front living room. He likes to hide behind the shutters. He thinks I can't see him. He hides until I "notice he's missing" while looking through. Then he opens them quickly and scares me so bad and jump and screech. Gets me every time.

He has also become obsessed with feet/hand/back tickling (the soft-feel-good kind). He hands me his feet and tickles his own hand to tell me he wants some. He even makes the "aaahhhhh" sound out of pure pleasure. I am forced to tickle his hands until he falls asleep at night. Once his eyes close (which is a for-sure sign of drifting for Owyn) I slowly stop and pull my hand away, only until he stick his little arm between the crib bars and waves it around for more. I've created a monster. This is what I get for trying to teach him how to tickle my hands.