Thursday, October 13, 2011

Checking In

Hello there, internet friends.

I just wanted to check in and tell you that I am still alive.

The mister and I will be off on our honeymoon in just a short 2 days! I am SO EXCITED!

Everything has (so far) worked out perfectly. We are flying my mom out to watch Owyn, the dog and the house while we're away. We're flying into San Jose, starting off in Monterey and driving up the coast to Sonoma, and back down to San Fransisco. Sounds amazing right? We have flights, a car and a cottage for our 2 nights in Sonoma and that's all. No plans, no reservations, no where to be. I can't wait!

 our adorable little barn cottage

Thursday, October 6, 2011

scenes from a perfect day.

 new boots arrived today / out my bathroom window
perfect day to make slow cooked bbq ribs / open windows
 beautiful cloudy sky / owyn climbing bleachers

 walk at the park across the street / look dad, proof that i'm watering the plants

Today has been a perfect day. The weather is amazing, refreshing and motivating.
I've been in dire need of a day like this. It has been one crappy week. 

I know this weather is only lasting a couple days but it's getting me so excited for our San Fransisco vacation next week.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Not Yo' Momma's Mom Hair

Hair tutorial?
Yeah, that's right. 

I wanted to share my own little secret on how to totally fake people out and 
make them think you took time to do you hair. 

My hair is (almost) the same everyday I have to work. 
I either put it in a pony tail or do the messy waves thing I'm about to show you. 

I don't know how your life is, but on the days I have to work, my mornings are chaos. 
I'm trying to get ready (Im a shower in the morning kinda girl) and handle Owyn. 
Dave is usually gone by the time we even wake up so it's always a battle between Owyn and I. 

It never fails, I run out of time to do my hair. For a while I was going to work with damp frizzy gross hair and eventually I had to devise plan to look more polished. Logically I figured out a way to fake it instead of having to wake up earlier. 

So hear it is, my hair is usually wet, but lets just pretend it is in these pictures. 

1. gather damp hair
2. twist hair and wrap into low bun
3. pin the bun (not too tight because hair wont dry)
4. blow dry (if you're in a hurry, on my days off I let it air dry)
5. release and spritz on some hair spray, while scrunching

bits of the weekend

This weekend I finally put together a little art space for myself...
I feel so inspired now! 


....... made some awesome jalapeno cheddar corn bread and hit up the UO sale
 where I got a pretty little ballerina to hold my ring when Im not wearing it..
(finally! I've been loosing it everyday)

got to wear my new purple cords AND ordered some new Fall boots!