Sunday, October 31, 2010

How We Met (Non-Abridged Version) by Dave

The first time we met I hardly noticed her, head addled by whatever dry burgundy I could use to wet my gullet. She was sitting perfectly on the sofa with a friend, seemingly interested only by the shiny objects in her purse & unfazed by mine & Noah's presence. She was reserved in her speech. I knew she would never talk to me not that I required conversation. The night traversed rather uneventfully and we went our separate ways. I would probably never see her again.

Just a few short weeks later, a few of my closest ninja friends and I arrived at the same house I had met her at previously, but this time for a Halloween party  - our objective? Why, to imbibe whatever we could get our sinning hands on, of course. And she was there. She looked absolutely breathtaking, costumed as a school teacher. A very sexy school teacher. I was ready for anything. I had my guitar, my nun chucks... Our paths crossed a few times early in the night, but taking the next step and actually speaking to her hadnt occurred to me until later in the evening. Sitting outside in the grass, I strummed some pretty chords, subliminally ensuring the volume was ever so slight enough to find her ears. Not to show off or anything of the sort I only found this indirect form of communication more comfortable than actual human contact at the time. I knew she would never talk to me. And even if she did,  I knew it would only be a short matter of time before my eccentricities scared her off.

She spent much of the night indoors chatting up her friends smiling, laughing & sitting cross legged on the sofa from time to time, while my guitar and I were content outside. She made sure to grace the brisk night air every so often... as if to let me know she was only a short distance away. But I knew she wasn't interested.

I continued to make soft music in the grass despite the autumn air numbing my fingertips, but I was soon curbed by the presentation of an urgent & sudden need to urinate. Most people have felt it the impeding fullness of a bladder never large enough to keep the pace of an infinitely thirsty mouth, making every step to the restroom more painful and closer to pissing yourself than the last. In my fragile state I could have very easily let it all go, but that is exactly the right way to draw the wrong type of attention to oneself, especially from the ladies. The trip from the back yard to the restroom seemed to take much longer than normal. But I reached my destination & everything came out just fine, as usual. I exited the bathroom only to find an angel on the sofa enjoying a grape flavored hard candy on a stick. I was very nervous to speak to such a beautiful lady, but I just had to. She asked me to sit down in the chair next to the sofa she was sitting in. I sat. I presented to her a small collection of pleasantries followed by a short quiz of sorts, which I would use for my own nefarious purposes. She wasn't drinking, as everyone else was. This puzzled & compelled me to investigate further. I had an unexplainable feeling that this girl was different from all the others here on planet Earth. She offered to share her lollipop with me, which damn near stopped my beating heart. As I tasted the grape candy surface, a chill went through my body imagining what it would be like to kiss her lips. 

Snap out of it!

I returned the lollie to her and went outside to catch my breath. I still knew beyond the shadow of a doubt, that she couldn't possibly be interested in me

Again strumming some of those... pretty little chords, I watched from outside as the party began to thin out & die down. She came out to light herself on the oversized trampoline outside. She & I were the only ones in the back yard now. I would hate myself for not seizing the opportunity to talk to her, so I climbed onto the trampoline & lain down next to her, leaving some space between us to use as a buffer to cushion her from my own precarious intentions. My nervous and inescapably awkward demeanor mixed with the cold air to augment my shivering bones. She offered her sweater to share with me as a blanket. This feeling was the best I'd had in years. Many innocent words were exchanged, overwhelming us with giggles & laughter. She had me giddy as a little school boy, whatever that feels like… I can only imagine (don’t they wear uniforms?). There were fireworks, festive parades & musical jubilees celebrating inside my mind, keeping me from saying anything that particularly mattered or made much sense. We talked for what was probably hours but seemed like minutes, gazing into the sky & pointing out constellations, much to each others' delight. Over the course of this I inched as close as I could to her, respectfully keeping my hands to myself but still able to feel her sweet warmth against me. It seemed like I had known her for years. She was my beautiful woman-shepherd into the valley of light from the cold yet complacently lonely & cynical person I had become over the years. That being said, there was a lingering doubt in my mind that this could last for very much longer, let alone the forever I hoped it could. Each of her words left me voraciously wanting the next. I was falling for her faster & harder by every passing second, by every word & breath that danced its lovely way from her vermillion border into my ceaselessly wanting ears. I wanted more than anything to kiss her exponentially more than I've ever wanted to kiss anyone, ever! I know, crazy right? But she was different…

The night had turned into early morning, and time came for this honey fed angel to find her wings & shoes for the trip back to Heaven. We helped each other off of the trampoline & proceeded into the kitchen's fluorescent glow. Still enamored by her words, I watched as she kneel down to put on her shoes. She did some magical things with straps & hair then it happened.

Something that no amount of strategic preparation or training could have readied me for

Our eyes met & locked
My heart dropped to the floor
And I nearly died.

Nothing could leave my mouth not a sound, not a breath. I may have said Bye or something else completely platitudinous, but I don’t recall. She leaned forward to give me a free hug. I took her up on the offer. There was nothing better than putting my arms around her. Once again I felt the most wonderful feeling I had felt in years possibly the best feeling in my entire life. My head was swimming in a radiance unlike any other, vaguely reminiscent of the Christmas morning childhood glow, so overwhelmed by everything and not knowing what to do with all the squares covered in so much shiny paper & bows. The hug was a quick one. By the time I could figure out what had just been done to my soul, she was out the door. 

I was saying “bye, see you soon” to her, completely oblivious to the fact that I had not invested this experience together into future experiences together. I should have asked for her phone number. So careless of me not to network or friend her [via social networking], I was left with my own thoughts: Youll never see her again”. When that realization found its way into my head my heart sank once again, this time not stopping at my feet... but burrowing to a place deep beneath the ground. Through the horror, I thought to myself wow, you really messed up big time. You really messed this up. How could you do this? That was your last chance…”

The few remaining people in the room expressed their disapproval of my actions, or lack thereof I was frantic to find a solution. How would I ever see her again? Did I say something wrong? Would she even want to talk to me again? Was she not in to me, therefore not asking for my phone number? I was positive there was nothing dumber I could have done. 

Later on into the wee-er hours of the morning, there was little else on my mind. She was my only thought as I paced the entire surface area of my bedroom several times over each and every thought passing through my head were of her smile, her laugh, her kind words & sense of humor the inimitable feeling that only looking into her eyes could bring me... she was without a doubt unlike any other person I had ever met before. I was changed forever... and it seemed that I had no way to contact her...

But just a few days later I was able to get her phone number through a friend (Chelsea Wells, new mommy).

And the rest has been history… today is our 4th Halloween together and we look forward to many, many more!

Suggested  listening while reading or driving anything: Balmorhea

Dia de los Muertos

Happy Halloween!!!

Yesterday we went to the Dia de los Muertos festival in MAC to support the arts, 
our city and the organization I work for.

Owyn had such a good time. 
He loves mariachi bands. 
He screamed out of excitement, dances around and clapped his hands for them. 

We will be passing out candy tonight on Miller St. 
Haven't thought of a costume yet...

Saturday, October 30, 2010

You've Gotta a Friend in Me

Okay, okay the title is cheesy, I know. 
I can't help myself I'm watching Toy Story 3 and I've been watching Toy Story 1 & 2 since I've been home from Nashville. Dave got Owyn TS 3 today and seeing him watch it for the first time was like seeing myself watch the new episode of Weeds or True Blood. 

Last night we had the pleasure of meeting the newest addition to "the group". 
Our friend/ sister of who introduced Dave and I, had a sweet baby girl 2 months ago. 
She lives in San Diego so we have only seen pictures of her until yesterday when she came home. 

I love the Wells entire family. They are the family that will invite you to Christmas when you don't have anywhere to go and make you feel right at home as if you're another member of the fam.  The Wells sisters remind me of me and my sister. There's only one large difference: my sister and I like to hide our emotions and the Wells love to show their emotions. I envy the comfort they have in their own skin. 

Last night we gathered at their home for a BBQ. 
Owyn fit right in with all the gals (he was the only boy). 
He was loving life! He ran around with them laughing and screaming and even fell in love. 
Yep, that's right, my 15 month old son has made a girlfriend an entire year older than him. 
He loves the older ladies! They kissed multiple times. I can't even get him to kiss me!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Is it really Friday night already? Darn. 
I usually ALWAYS look forward to Fridays because that means Dave is off of work and we get to spend time together. Fortunately for me, Dave had this entire week off (since last Friday) because he had vacation time to use up. It worked out perfect because I was in desperate need of family time after missing them so much and my schedule was pretty slow. I had a really busy Tuesday but there wasn't much work for me at the MCA so I only worked for 4 hours and I only had to work one shift at Lucky this week. We've kept busy though. Yesterday Dave took me to Ikea because I wanted to get Fall/Winter decor for the house. We then went to Kiwanis park and fed the duckies before the boys dropped me off at school. 

I really wish he didn't have to go back to work on Monday. 
I'm sure he really wishes he didn't have to. 

It's been nice being able to get ready in the morning without Owyn in my hair and coming home to a spotless house everyday. Get this, Dave even put away my laundry! Not only does he wash it but he fold and hangs! It's as if my clothes are never dirty!

Now, let the Halloween festivities begin!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wining and Dining

Yesterday was our official anniversary. 
We met ("talked for the first time") at a Halloween party, so Halloween is our unofficial anniversary. 
We celebrate both. 

I know I've already told the story of how we met but here is a short summary-
just because I love it so much:

It was a Saturday night and I went out to dinner with one of my bests (Kylie).  One of my other bests was having a Halloween party but I didn't feel like going. So, I went home after dinner. After sitting around the house for a little while I decided to make up a costume and stop by the party to see what it was all about. At the party a group of friends gathered around in a circle to watch a friend/band member of Dave's play tablas. I sat on the trampoline and watched from above. A ninja dressed in black came and sat next to me. Sais and all. I told him that I didn't like weapons nor ninjas and that he was making me feel uncomfortable. That ninja was Dave. He seemed to think I was very funny. I rambled on about silly things and he stared at me with an intense amount of interest and curiosity and laughed at everything I said. I'm sure I could count the amount of words he said on my two hands. I remember laying back and looking up at the stars. We pretended we were camping. Then we started talking about camping. After our little camp-out it was time for me to leave. And that was it. For a while. 

That next week my friend told me how her friend kept mentioning me and really wanted my phone number but she wouldn't give it to him without my permission. I told her it was okay. And then of course I asked her all about him and heard nothing but pleasant things. It wasn't too long until he called. He called me right after a show he just played with his band Attack of the Giant Squid. We talked for a while and wanted to set up a date but I was about to get my tonsils removed that week. He called and text-ed throughout my entire recovery. I could barely talk and I sounded like a man but he still kept calling.

We finally got to meet up. We put together a puzzle, drank lattes and went on a walk around ASU campus. It was very friendly and he seemed very genuine. He even gave me a kiss on my cheek as he said goodbye. Awww.

 It didn't take long until we fell in love. I can recall the night. 
We were listening to this: 

Create a playlist at

Listening to it makes my heart flutter and sends chills all over my body.


Ever since then he's been wining and dining me.

Last night's wining and dining took place at the quaint little bungalow style French restaurant

{image via here}

I didn't take any picture because it was too fancy a place to be pulling out my camera and snapping photos. Any place with escargots on the menu is no place for a camera.  We shared a bottle of wine, ate off each others French entree's and devoured a mouthwatering apple tart. It was so romantic. I've eaten a lot of really good meals in my life but this one is in the top 5 hands down. It's probably higher than that.

Check out their menu HERE and go if you ever  have the chance. 
It was the cutest little place.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Colors of Fall

These are the last pictures take before the birth of Riley Jo. 
Doesn't Whitney make a beautiful pregnant woman?

I love Fall!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Holy Pumpkin!

Here are some picture of pumpkins
because they're so cute. 

Don't you love them?

Nashville Food

We did a whole lot of eating while I was in Nashville. 
I'm surprised I didn't gain 5 lbs being there. 
Yes, I checked when I came home, and no, I didn't gain any at all.
I think it's safe to say that fried food is their specialty. 


 Delicious restaurants in downtown Nashville:

Sky Blue Cafe

Monday, October 25, 2010

Welcome Home

Little miss Riley Jo is here.

I'm so lucky I've been able to witness the miracle of life and meet my beautiful niece. 
Of course, she got the good genes and is as pretty as can be. 

I'm gonna miss my niece and sister. 
Whitney has done such an amazing job.

These pics are for you, Grandma I! 
We're thinking about you!