Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween Weekend!

Is it really Friday night already? Darn. 
I usually ALWAYS look forward to Fridays because that means Dave is off of work and we get to spend time together. Fortunately for me, Dave had this entire week off (since last Friday) because he had vacation time to use up. It worked out perfect because I was in desperate need of family time after missing them so much and my schedule was pretty slow. I had a really busy Tuesday but there wasn't much work for me at the MCA so I only worked for 4 hours and I only had to work one shift at Lucky this week. We've kept busy though. Yesterday Dave took me to Ikea because I wanted to get Fall/Winter decor for the house. We then went to Kiwanis park and fed the duckies before the boys dropped me off at school. 

I really wish he didn't have to go back to work on Monday. 
I'm sure he really wishes he didn't have to. 

It's been nice being able to get ready in the morning without Owyn in my hair and coming home to a spotless house everyday. Get this, Dave even put away my laundry! Not only does he wash it but he fold and hangs! It's as if my clothes are never dirty!

Now, let the Halloween festivities begin!