Thursday, October 14, 2010

He Spoils Me

{flowers Dave gave me last week}

I think David is probably the best gift-giver ever. 
He loves to surprise me with gifts. 

Isn't that lucky? To have a man who not only surprises you but gives you the perfect gift?
I don't know how he does it.

The first gift Dave ever gave to me was for our first Christmas together and it was a special edition of Where the Sidewalk Ends. For our first Valentines day he bought me a piece of the moon. I have a certificate to prove it. My most prized possessions were given to me by him. My diamond ring (which I finally have back now), my Canon Rebel XSi and all my accessories for it (given at different times), my art supplies, my bike, i could go on forever. He's a really good listener and whenever I mention anything I want something, he usually surprises me with it. I usually try to talk him out of certain things. Like when he was gonna buy me the kitchen aide mixer I want and the time he bought me a zoom lens but luckily they sent the wrong one and I didn't let him get the right one.  The BEST gift of all was given to me Christmas 2008. That gift was an embryo that would soon become Owyn. I found out December 1 that he had planted his seed and I was totally surprised.

This past Sunday Dave surprised me with two gifts. No, they're not embryos. 
Dave came to the MCA's Benefit Show to support me and my passion. 
Of course I was so excited and I walked him around showing him the work (that was up for sale, all proceeds go to the museum) that I put up on the walls. I showed him my favorite piece and told him that there was another by the same artist in the next room that I loved just as much. At the end of the show he walked up to me and handed me a receipt with the purchase of not one but both of the pieces I liked. What a good man. Out of over 160 10x10 works he remembered what one I liked and found the other one. My heart fluttered. 

It meant so much to me because 
a) these pieces are from a very well known artist and are worth way more that what he got them for
b) it showed he cares and listens
c) he was gave money to an organization I really care about. 
These are my paintings which hang in our bedroom. 
The artist is Jerry Jacobson and we are having an entire exhibit of his work this Spring at MCA.