Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mitzi Jo

Yesterday we got a dog.
She's a 4 year old Yellow Lab.
As you know, (remember this) Ive been wanting a dog for a long time.
We finally decided it was a good time so we've been looking everywhere for the right dog.

A friend of mine told us about a friend of hers who needed to find a new home for her companion.
Coincidentally, the dog has been living in a temporary home right down the street from us. She's a very sweet dog, great with young kids and housebroken. She can even shake.

It was hard for Mitzi and her mommy to leave her here at her new home.
Mitzi has been running back and forth to all the doors in the house waiting for her mom to come back. It's really sad. She even escaped out of our house and tried to run home last night. That was scary.. and dramatic on my part.

She's slowly adjusting. I hope it doesn't take her too long to realize that we're her new family and we'll take good care of her. Last night she slept right be my side. It was sweet.

As for her and Owyn,
she- not that interested
he- very interested.

Owyn loves dogs. He loves saying "dog" even more.
He's been trying to play with her, act like her, and eat her food.
He keeps playing chase with the dog, but he doesn't realize that she isn't following him.
{already getting into trouble together}

{Owyn trying to be a dog}

Side note:

My Dad likes to add Jo to the end of everyone's name. His name is Joe.
His dogs are Frankie Joe and Chloe Jo.

So naturally, we've started adding it to names as well.
My sister is Whitney Jo (for real) and her daughter will be Riley Jo.
My son is Owyn Joseph (O-Jo).