Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Letters From Nashville


my sweet boy, 

I am so happy I was able to Skype with you and Daddy tonight. You are such a big boy. And a funny boy. You're probably a little confused that Mommy is stuck in the light box, huh? Yeah, it's strange to me too. You should've seen your dad on Sunday when you were sleeping. He wore his funny hat with the fishy sticking out and did a dance for me. He's a silly Daddy. Don't worry, Mommy won't be stuck in the computer forever. I'll come out next Monday.

Are you being a good boy for Daddy? I sure hope so. He loves you so much. I know he doesn't let you do all the things I let you do, but that's only because he cares about you. Make sure he gives you chocolate milk if you want some. Are you being nice to Mitzi girl? I'm sure you are.

I must go for now, my love. You are the cutest boy in the entire world. I miss you more than anything.

I love you.

- Mom