Tuesday, October 12, 2010

It was a really exciting weekend, but I have no pictures to prove it.

Last weekend flew by so fast. 
We were so busy I never had a chance to take out my camera. 

Mom and Scott were in town and stayed in our guest room. They came in to meet my nephew. 
Athen. What a cutie! 

They came in Friday night, but I had an event to attend to. 
It was the Fall Opening Reception at the ASU art Museum and I had a chance to go to Four Peaks and then the reception with my co-workers/mentors from MCA. They networking opportunity was way too great to pass up. I am so glad I was able to go because I met so many people standing by the side of our associate curator and registrar. They are so good to me over there at MCA and I am lucky to be apart of their group and everyone I met Friday even told me so. 
 After meeting people and running into fellow class mates and previous instructors, my lovely Dave and Owyn came to see me. I was able to show them off to everyone. I like to stay professional at school because this industry is such a small network of people and you never know who's gonna be a good reference or interviewing you for a job someday so it was nice to let down that wall and introduce those people who see me as the serious Chelsea to my son and let them see me as a mother.


Saturday morning Owyn and I went with Mom and Scott to run errands for the big party we had later that day for new baby Athen. We went to Costco and my mom got Owyn a giant Pillow Pet.

The party was great. Just like every other family get-together it was loud. very, very loud. The kids run around screaming, Im not really sure why, and the adults talk loud over each other- my family has a whole lot of women. The only difference this time was that Owyn joined in on the chaos. I was pretty surprised. I guess he's a Buri. He ran around with the kids yelling. It was pretty funny. That boy copies everything these days. 

I love hanging out with the Buri's. I get to laugh and gossip with my aunts, talk to my cousin Victoria about how crazy our moms are, play with my little cousins, get made fun of for one thing or another by my uncle and clean with my grandmas. We all wished my very pregnant sister was there. We miss you! You'll be here soon! Someday Owyn and Riley will be laughing about how crazy we are. 

{i stole this picture from mom}

Sunday was nuts because...
my mom was in urgent care because she did something to her back and couldn't move, 
I had a benefit show at MCA that I had to attend, and 
I had to work after the benefit show at Lucky until 2:40am.
It was exhausting and all I wanted to do was go home cuddle with Owyn and spend time with my mom. 


Monday was also busy because I had sleep to catch up on,
an interview to conduct with a volunteer director, 
dropped mom and scott off at the airport and went straight to dinner
to a friends birthday dinner, went home and wrote a paper until midnight.
Today is school and then work until 10. 

Tomorrow I intern all day. 

Thursday I have school and a concert. 

Friday I pack and Saturday I leave for Nashville. 

This is my life.