Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wining and Dining

Yesterday was our official anniversary. 
We met ("talked for the first time") at a Halloween party, so Halloween is our unofficial anniversary. 
We celebrate both. 

I know I've already told the story of how we met but here is a short summary-
just because I love it so much:

It was a Saturday night and I went out to dinner with one of my bests (Kylie).  One of my other bests was having a Halloween party but I didn't feel like going. So, I went home after dinner. After sitting around the house for a little while I decided to make up a costume and stop by the party to see what it was all about. At the party a group of friends gathered around in a circle to watch a friend/band member of Dave's play tablas. I sat on the trampoline and watched from above. A ninja dressed in black came and sat next to me. Sais and all. I told him that I didn't like weapons nor ninjas and that he was making me feel uncomfortable. That ninja was Dave. He seemed to think I was very funny. I rambled on about silly things and he stared at me with an intense amount of interest and curiosity and laughed at everything I said. I'm sure I could count the amount of words he said on my two hands. I remember laying back and looking up at the stars. We pretended we were camping. Then we started talking about camping. After our little camp-out it was time for me to leave. And that was it. For a while. 

That next week my friend told me how her friend kept mentioning me and really wanted my phone number but she wouldn't give it to him without my permission. I told her it was okay. And then of course I asked her all about him and heard nothing but pleasant things. It wasn't too long until he called. He called me right after a show he just played with his band Attack of the Giant Squid. We talked for a while and wanted to set up a date but I was about to get my tonsils removed that week. He called and text-ed throughout my entire recovery. I could barely talk and I sounded like a man but he still kept calling.

We finally got to meet up. We put together a puzzle, drank lattes and went on a walk around ASU campus. It was very friendly and he seemed very genuine. He even gave me a kiss on my cheek as he said goodbye. Awww.

 It didn't take long until we fell in love. I can recall the night. 
We were listening to this: 

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Listening to it makes my heart flutter and sends chills all over my body.


Ever since then he's been wining and dining me.

Last night's wining and dining took place at the quaint little bungalow style French restaurant

{image via here}

I didn't take any picture because it was too fancy a place to be pulling out my camera and snapping photos. Any place with escargots on the menu is no place for a camera.  We shared a bottle of wine, ate off each others French entree's and devoured a mouthwatering apple tart. It was so romantic. I've eaten a lot of really good meals in my life but this one is in the top 5 hands down. It's probably higher than that.

Check out their menu HERE and go if you ever  have the chance. 
It was the cutest little place.