Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ditching School on a Rainy Day

Yesterday I didn't go to school. 
Not because it was raining, but because I didn't want to leave Miss Mitz alone.
I am so glad I didn't go because I wasn't expecting the weather that came around the time Id be riding my bike to school. Have I mentioned that I got a new bike this semester? She's pretty awesome. Vintage 1960's blue Schwinn. Ill post pics some times. 

Anyway, back to the weather.. we had a HUGE storm yesterday. I think it was God answering my prayers. Every Sunday I beg for a week where the air to be cooler and sun to be dimmer.
I've really been angry with the sun shine lately. 

This time of year is the worst because the sun is so dang low and it shines in your eye balls no matter what time of day it is. It's like 4:30pm all day long. -You know around the time rush hour begins and there's nothing you can do to block the sun because the visor is too short? You know what I'm talking about.

Well I'm no meteorologist, but I think we had microburst at our house yesterday.
Within 5 minutes it began raining which turned to hail and the wind was so strong I couldn't see outside my window. I couldn't even tell which direction the wind was headed. It was nuts. It only lasted 5 minutes and within seconds it stopped and the sky cleared. Strangest thing ever. I walked outside to find the streets flooded, everyone's trash floating on their side, out rv fence completely blown over and a large dead tree in our side yard uprooted and laying on the ground. Our yard was covered in ice balls bigger than Runts.

It was pretty scary. I thought our windows were gonna break from the ice. 
Weird thing is that Owyn fell asleep right when the chaos began and stayed asleep.