Thursday, February 26, 2009

Monthly Cold

I am getting sick again.
I get sick at this time every month.

Can anyone tell me if Airborne is safe during pregnancy?

This is not going to happen again!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

New Love

How adorable are these shoes.
I want them sooo bad, and you know i'll get them!

They are my new obsession and I can't wait to get my first pair.
Good thing my B-day is coming.

They are Aussie shoes made by Melissa.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Another Tuesday

Mark off another week.
I am now 17 weeks along my pregnancy.
I am so blessed.

We find out the sex in exactly one week. I can't wait!

My mom and Scott are still in town being little bee's driving all around our warm city visiting family with snow tires on their car.

Today is one of those days when you have so much to do you don't know where to start. So this is what I do instead..I blow it all off and get on my computer. Procrastinating is my specialty. I've been putting off weekly cleaning since Sunday. I still have not made a grocery list for the week or gone to get groceries, and we are having our mothers over for dinner tomorrow night so that is definitely a need to do. On top of everything, I have a 3 hour review tonight for a test I have next week.

Can't I just stay in bed??

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Overview

My weekend started out with Dave bringing me home some beautiful flowers.
I really hope I can keep them alive.

Saturday we anxiously awaiting my mothers arrival to the Valley of the Sun.
Me, Dave, Whitney, Josh (Whitney's husband), mom, and Scott all had dinner at Monti's on Saturday night. After dinner my Grandma Nita and Great Grandma Jewel came over to my sisters house and hung out for a while. It was nice.

Of course, since my mom brought little Miss Mills, I had to bring her over Sunday to the apartment to hang out with Dave and I. This is her watching Dave putting away groceries - waiting for more hot dog.

Also this weekend, my Grandma Irene bought us new beautiful pots and pans.
These are a couple of them boiling water.
One for eggs, one for cinnamon sweet tea.

She also got us Fiesta ware of my choice.
Ivory and the new color - Chocolate brown.
Aren't they pretty?

Friday, February 20, 2009

New Banner!

Dave made me my own customized banner.

What do you think?

Leave your comments


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frugal Facts

Fact 1. Bags cost less than jars.

When I needed to stock up on spices I went straight to bags. When you buy spices they can get pretty pricey, especially if you are getting many. I got all the spices I needed at World Market on sale. They only cost 89cents a bag! Luckily, I already had the jars but you can find them anywhere for a low price. These spices are great because they have labels that contain a description on them. I cut out the label and simply taped it on with clear tape (incase I decide to refill with a different spice later). I got all of the spices I need and only spent $7.00.

Fact 2. You don't need to downgrade hair products to save money.

Shampoo and conditioner are something I like to spoil myself with. There is definitely a difference in using good hair products, especially if you don't have soft water. So when I started getting low, I really didn't want to spend the $21 on an 8oz bottle of the shampoo I love. Instead, I asked my hairstylist if there were any other nice shampoos similar that aren't so pricey. She gave me a list of a few and offered to pick me up some at wholesale price (since she gets discounts). So next time you see your hairstylist ask if she is going to the beauty store anytime soon and if she could get you deals on your products. Also make sure you ask her if it is worth it to splurge on a certain product because I was going to purchase one and she said no way.

My baby is coming to visit!

Words cannot describe the excitement I have for this weekend.
Plans have changed and my mom and Scott are driving out this Saturday to visit Scotts dad.
The great thing about it, they are bringing Millie!
For an entire week!

Just look how cute she is laying on my bum in the sunshine.
She somehow always finds the on tiny sliver of sunshine to lay in.

So we are delaying out San Diego trip, again.
Sorry dad. We'll be there on the beach with you soon!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

I got my hair did

This is way overdue.
Last time I got my hair done my hair lady just found out she was pregnant.
Her baby is 6 months old now.
Wow, that's where unemployment gets you.
I used to go ever 6 to 8 weeks.

By the way, if you need a good hair stylist, my girl is great!
She's at and Ive been going to her for a couple years now.
She is especially good with color and I have never been disappointed.

If you want her number email me.
Ive sent 2 friends there and they both loved her.

This salon is also great. They have a Doctor on site and he offers all sorts of stuff like
botox and B12 shots!

Coupon codes??

I just wanted to share with you all, one of my favorite websites that helps to keep your wallet full.

I suggest you browse through here before you buy ANYTHING!

You can find all sorts of great coupons codes for any store you can imagine.

Birthday Countdown

My birthday is in less than 1 month!

This is what I want.

Its the recipe book apron from Anthropologie,
on sale for $19.95 online.


Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tuesday is always my most exciting day of the week,
surprisingly because they all go the same way.

First- wake up, check my email
Tuesdays mark a new week in the pregnancy so I get a friendly update that tells me whats going on with the baby and how much its growing

Second- Go throughout the day feeling blessed and smiling at everyone I see.

Third- Start to miss my mom with a head full of baby thoughts
I can't wait to see her in 2 weeks

Fourth- Quickly do the weekly readings for class I didn't do
And try to think of ways I could get out of going

Fifth- Go to my old house, pick up my super sweet bike and cycle my way
to my 3 hour Early Medieval Art History Class.

I pee 3 times during this lecture!

Sixth- rush home to pee again

Seventh- Relax until the the new Real Housewives comes on
Sometimes I can't stay up until 11pm, so we DVR it.

And call it a Tuesday.

P.S. Preggy update: Thyroid test came back normal.

16 Weeks

My little nugget is growing :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

Upcoming Events

This is our board
Its so perfect because I really wanted a black board and Dave wanted a rack for his important mail stuff and keys. We found this that has 2 in 1 at Ikea.

Another funny thing Dave did...
One day I was trying to leave but I could not find my keys and he stands in front of the board looks at the empty hook where the red arrow is says, "well, it's not where it belongs".
So now I know where my keys "belong" and I never have to search for them.

I am soooo excited because we have 2 vacations coming up!
This weekend we are finally going to go visit my dads new home in San Diego. Wait till I post those picks! I have been putting off the 6 hour drive for a while now. Something about those Yorkie's, Frankie and Lacy, makes me contemplate the drive.

On April 9th we are going to see my mom, Scott and brother Sean in Denver, for my birthday (even though my birthday is March 15)! I can't wait!
This is the longest I have gone with out going to see them since they moved there. It's one of my favorite places to go, I wish I could live there. The best thing about it, other than shopping with my mom and eating from her packed full pantry is seeing my first baby.

Oh I love her so much. After highschool my dad got me a dog and she was the perfect dog. If you know her you can agree that she is perfect. So playful and sweet and loves to cuddle with you. She has the funniest personality Ive ever known a dog to have. I taught her well.

Last year I moved to Denver and of course brought along my baby but when I decided to return to AZ after a short 5 weeks my mom had grown the same love and attachment to Millie. So being the great daughter and mommy that I am, I decided it would be nice for them both to have eachother. Now, Millie loves hanging out with mom and sparky everyday, going on nature walks and chasing random animals such as rabbits in the backyard. You can see pictures of Millies wonderful life on my moms blog

Yay I can't wait!

Apartment Style Living

Last night was laundry night.
Dave was trying to show me how this "apartment living" works by teaching me how to do the laundry when you have to pay for it. Very strange I tell you. It was so funny because he is so OCD. He does everything a certain way and no other way. There were a lot of "and I do this... but you don't have to, that's just what I like to do."

Along with that..
He is the type that loads the dishes right after use and puts the laundry away when it's still hot. Who does this??
Of course I have my way which is as long as it doesn't get wrinkled I don't really care. Somehow he got his pile done so quickly and I am sitting here (around the time this pic was taken) laying over the clothes and he's like "come on, put yours away".
Whooa, sorry I don't have a super speedy "system".

Oh I am finding out so many things about this man I am now living with (and they all make me laugh). I can't wait to see what else he does.

Our Valentines Day

On our way to Tucson
We drove all the way to Tucson to see Andrew Bird on Saturday.
It was really fun. Luckily it didn't take too long to get there because Dave speeds faster than anyone I know. The show was magical! I cannot believe how stinkin talented that man is. If you aren't familiar with him, I suggest you get there. During the show I really think the baby was moving around because I could feel some fluttering in my tummy, and this time it wasn't gas. I couldn't help but imagine the baby bouncing around the uterus walls to Andrew Bird whistling.
Unfortunately we left a little early because my back and my bum were hurting so bad and I was so uncomfortable!

Sunday afternoon we went to the Symphony Hall to see the ballet Romeo & Juliet.
It was one of the most beautiful ballets I've seen, and I have seen very many. Of course nothing compares to Swan Lake, but the costumes and the sets were breathtaking. Thank you grandma Irene for the tickets.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome home

I moved into Dave's apartment last weekend.
It was sad, yet exciting. This was my old house. Goodbye square door. I won't live in the coolest house in the neighborhood anymore. It is nice for both of us though now. I get a comfortable home and since I don't work I get to take care of the chores around the apartment so Dave doesn't have to worry about them when he comes home. The bed is made, the dishes are clean and dinner is under control!

Ive made a few changes around the apt to make it more homey and so it doesnt look like a guy lives here. There is still a few things we'd like to do but here are some pics of the areas I got my hands on.

This is my art desk.
I was searching all over the antique shops for a neat small desk and I found a perfect one. I dont even need to paint it. I found it at my favorite antique shop Antique Trove. It was a super sweet deal because the dealer had all of his stuff 50% off. If you're ever looking for a steal, come to me. I got good shopping skills handed down to me from my mom.

I love this chair!
Its my favorite and I found it at my favorite Goodwill. Ive thought about reupholstering but its too pretty. I love the delicate faint floral design on it. I want to get an antique floor reading lamp and some wall decor, maybe a pillow. This table came as a set of three Dave got at another antique shop. Another sweet deal. I think they were like $40.

This is our bed.
If you look closely you can see the side tables are the other 2 from the set of three. One is gold, one is blue. All of the pictures were Dave's he gathered over the years. We both love antiques and Goodwill, its one of our favorite things to do together. All of my inspiration for the room came from this antique quilted blacket I found for $5! Its really neat because it snaps into a sleeping bad. ha. I am on the hunt for two old lamps for the sides of the bed. Either matching of similar and I can paint them to match.

Definatley a work in progress, but I am sure we will move before the baby is born so I might as well wait.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

A pizza fit for a valentine

Let the valentines festivities begin!

Tonight I attempted to make my valentine a heart pizza.
It might no look that good, but holy crap! It was delicious. Dave even said it was probably the BEST pizza he has ever had. And we go to La Grande Orange Market for pizza, so trust me, this man knows what good pizza tastes like.

Ingredients included:
  • Mozzarella and Provolone cheese
  • Tomato sauce
  • Spinach
  • Mushrooms
  • Chicken
  • Tomato
  • And topped with garlic and avocado

For our valentines day, Dave got us tickets to go see Andrew Bird
in Tuson!
I am so excited! We always go to the best shows. Last year we saw Radiohead in San Diego and Sigur Ros. Lucky, I know.

15 weeks

This pic is for you mom!

The pounds are adding...

I am 15 weeks now! As of right now the due date is Aug. 2. I just had some blood work done that will give us an exact date, I'm sure it will change. So far I have gained 10 lbs! I just want a big belly already so people aren't thinking "is she getting fat?". I can no longer button my pants comfortably.
Luckily, my man got me a bella band that is wonderful because I just put this magical elastic over the top of my unbuttoned jeans and it looks like I am wearing an undershirt. No evidence that my pants are undone! This saved me. Before the band I was sitting in one of my classes of 100 people and I couldn't handle the tightness, so ... I did the unthinkable. I slipped my hands under the desk casually and unbuttoned my pants.
Oh man, I sure hope no one realized what I was doing but the relief was oh so wonderful.

I am still feeling sick, even though I am in my 2nd trimester. I never thought id be one of those unlucky ones. I constantly feel tired and my heart rate is very irregular which just wares me out. When it gets too high, I start to overheat, and when I get real hot I vomit! Its really fun. Poor Dave has to deal with it daily because I am always trying to open the door and roll down the windows in the care even when it's freezing outside. Because of these unusual problems I contacted the doctor and had my thyroid checked, which is important because thyroid disease runs in my family. The results are not back yet, but ill keep you updated.

Also, it turns out I am A- blood type.
I am guessing I got that from my dad (since its always the mans fault).
This can cause some issues because I have to worry about the Rh factor but now that we know we can do what we need to make sure me and the baby are okay. This involves injections at 28 weeks and at birth. Yay, I love needles.

All in all, everything else is great! The baby is growing and the heart is beating. Our next ultra sound is on March 3 and we'll find out the sex! Wahoooo

Hello. My name is Chelsea, and I.... am a blogger!

This is us.

Me and my man, Dave. We have a lot of fun... probably the maximum fun two can have. Currently, Dave is working and even though we all know him as an awesome bass player, he's not working on a lot of musical projects right now. I am currently trying to get school out of the way. I am full time at ASU studying art studies. That's a hodgepodge in itself, a mixture of art history and every type of studio art. I have one year left!

As most of you know, we are expecting a baby!
Although it was an unplanned surprise, it is finally starting to set in, now at 15 weeks, and we are getting very excited. I am sure the majority of my posts will be updates on our little nugget. We get to find out the sex on March 3! I can hardly wait. We always call the baby a boy but maybe we'll be surprised (and lucky) to find out its a girl. And then I can dress her up to look like mommy everyday :).

It's sometimes tough not having my mom here to be telling me what is normal, whats not, what I should and shouldn't do, but we're doing good.

Dave is so great being there for me in every step of the way, and I mean every.
He does his research, he goes to all the appointments even though they are boring and I always walk out mad (and hot), he makes me egg burritos when that's the only thing that doesn't make me want to vomit, he tells me how beautiful I am everyday when I am feeling so ugly, he runs out to the store to get medicine when I am sick and brings back five different meds, and he talks to the baby everyday. It's usually the same message "hi baby, I love you, have a good day". It makes me laugh everytime. Not only the part about having a good day but because he started this routine around 8-9 weeks when im pretty sure the baby didn't even have ears.

He's so wonderful and going to be a great daddy.