Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hello. My name is Chelsea, and I.... am a blogger!

This is us.

Me and my man, Dave. We have a lot of fun... probably the maximum fun two can have. Currently, Dave is working and even though we all know him as an awesome bass player, he's not working on a lot of musical projects right now. I am currently trying to get school out of the way. I am full time at ASU studying art studies. That's a hodgepodge in itself, a mixture of art history and every type of studio art. I have one year left!

As most of you know, we are expecting a baby!
Although it was an unplanned surprise, it is finally starting to set in, now at 15 weeks, and we are getting very excited. I am sure the majority of my posts will be updates on our little nugget. We get to find out the sex on March 3! I can hardly wait. We always call the baby a boy but maybe we'll be surprised (and lucky) to find out its a girl. And then I can dress her up to look like mommy everyday :).

It's sometimes tough not having my mom here to be telling me what is normal, whats not, what I should and shouldn't do, but we're doing good.

Dave is so great being there for me in every step of the way, and I mean every.
He does his research, he goes to all the appointments even though they are boring and I always walk out mad (and hot), he makes me egg burritos when that's the only thing that doesn't make me want to vomit, he tells me how beautiful I am everyday when I am feeling so ugly, he runs out to the store to get medicine when I am sick and brings back five different meds, and he talks to the baby everyday. It's usually the same message "hi baby, I love you, have a good day". It makes me laugh everytime. Not only the part about having a good day but because he started this routine around 8-9 weeks when im pretty sure the baby didn't even have ears.

He's so wonderful and going to be a great daddy.