Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Tuesday is always my most exciting day of the week,
surprisingly because they all go the same way.

First- wake up, check my email
Tuesdays mark a new week in the pregnancy so I get a friendly update that tells me whats going on with the baby and how much its growing

Second- Go throughout the day feeling blessed and smiling at everyone I see.

Third- Start to miss my mom with a head full of baby thoughts
I can't wait to see her in 2 weeks

Fourth- Quickly do the weekly readings for class I didn't do
And try to think of ways I could get out of going

Fifth- Go to my old house, pick up my super sweet bike and cycle my way
to my 3 hour Early Medieval Art History Class.

I pee 3 times during this lecture!

Sixth- rush home to pee again

Seventh- Relax until the the new Real Housewives comes on
Sometimes I can't stay up until 11pm, so we DVR it.

And call it a Tuesday.

P.S. Preggy update: Thyroid test came back normal.