Thursday, February 19, 2009

Frugal Facts

Fact 1. Bags cost less than jars.

When I needed to stock up on spices I went straight to bags. When you buy spices they can get pretty pricey, especially if you are getting many. I got all the spices I needed at World Market on sale. They only cost 89cents a bag! Luckily, I already had the jars but you can find them anywhere for a low price. These spices are great because they have labels that contain a description on them. I cut out the label and simply taped it on with clear tape (incase I decide to refill with a different spice later). I got all of the spices I need and only spent $7.00.

Fact 2. You don't need to downgrade hair products to save money.

Shampoo and conditioner are something I like to spoil myself with. There is definitely a difference in using good hair products, especially if you don't have soft water. So when I started getting low, I really didn't want to spend the $21 on an 8oz bottle of the shampoo I love. Instead, I asked my hairstylist if there were any other nice shampoos similar that aren't so pricey. She gave me a list of a few and offered to pick me up some at wholesale price (since she gets discounts). So next time you see your hairstylist ask if she is going to the beauty store anytime soon and if she could get you deals on your products. Also make sure you ask her if it is worth it to splurge on a certain product because I was going to purchase one and she said no way.