Monday, February 16, 2009

Apartment Style Living

Last night was laundry night.
Dave was trying to show me how this "apartment living" works by teaching me how to do the laundry when you have to pay for it. Very strange I tell you. It was so funny because he is so OCD. He does everything a certain way and no other way. There were a lot of "and I do this... but you don't have to, that's just what I like to do."

Along with that..
He is the type that loads the dishes right after use and puts the laundry away when it's still hot. Who does this??
Of course I have my way which is as long as it doesn't get wrinkled I don't really care. Somehow he got his pile done so quickly and I am sitting here (around the time this pic was taken) laying over the clothes and he's like "come on, put yours away".
Whooa, sorry I don't have a super speedy "system".

Oh I am finding out so many things about this man I am now living with (and they all make me laugh). I can't wait to see what else he does.