Friday, February 13, 2009

Welcome home

I moved into Dave's apartment last weekend.
It was sad, yet exciting. This was my old house. Goodbye square door. I won't live in the coolest house in the neighborhood anymore. It is nice for both of us though now. I get a comfortable home and since I don't work I get to take care of the chores around the apartment so Dave doesn't have to worry about them when he comes home. The bed is made, the dishes are clean and dinner is under control!

Ive made a few changes around the apt to make it more homey and so it doesnt look like a guy lives here. There is still a few things we'd like to do but here are some pics of the areas I got my hands on.

This is my art desk.
I was searching all over the antique shops for a neat small desk and I found a perfect one. I dont even need to paint it. I found it at my favorite antique shop Antique Trove. It was a super sweet deal because the dealer had all of his stuff 50% off. If you're ever looking for a steal, come to me. I got good shopping skills handed down to me from my mom.

I love this chair!
Its my favorite and I found it at my favorite Goodwill. Ive thought about reupholstering but its too pretty. I love the delicate faint floral design on it. I want to get an antique floor reading lamp and some wall decor, maybe a pillow. This table came as a set of three Dave got at another antique shop. Another sweet deal. I think they were like $40.

This is our bed.
If you look closely you can see the side tables are the other 2 from the set of three. One is gold, one is blue. All of the pictures were Dave's he gathered over the years. We both love antiques and Goodwill, its one of our favorite things to do together. All of my inspiration for the room came from this antique quilted blacket I found for $5! Its really neat because it snaps into a sleeping bad. ha. I am on the hunt for two old lamps for the sides of the bed. Either matching of similar and I can paint them to match.

Definatley a work in progress, but I am sure we will move before the baby is born so I might as well wait.