Monday, February 16, 2009

Upcoming Events

This is our board
Its so perfect because I really wanted a black board and Dave wanted a rack for his important mail stuff and keys. We found this that has 2 in 1 at Ikea.

Another funny thing Dave did...
One day I was trying to leave but I could not find my keys and he stands in front of the board looks at the empty hook where the red arrow is says, "well, it's not where it belongs".
So now I know where my keys "belong" and I never have to search for them.

I am soooo excited because we have 2 vacations coming up!
This weekend we are finally going to go visit my dads new home in San Diego. Wait till I post those picks! I have been putting off the 6 hour drive for a while now. Something about those Yorkie's, Frankie and Lacy, makes me contemplate the drive.

On April 9th we are going to see my mom, Scott and brother Sean in Denver, for my birthday (even though my birthday is March 15)! I can't wait!
This is the longest I have gone with out going to see them since they moved there. It's one of my favorite places to go, I wish I could live there. The best thing about it, other than shopping with my mom and eating from her packed full pantry is seeing my first baby.

Oh I love her so much. After highschool my dad got me a dog and she was the perfect dog. If you know her you can agree that she is perfect. So playful and sweet and loves to cuddle with you. She has the funniest personality Ive ever known a dog to have. I taught her well.

Last year I moved to Denver and of course brought along my baby but when I decided to return to AZ after a short 5 weeks my mom had grown the same love and attachment to Millie. So being the great daughter and mommy that I am, I decided it would be nice for them both to have eachother. Now, Millie loves hanging out with mom and sparky everyday, going on nature walks and chasing random animals such as rabbits in the backyard. You can see pictures of Millies wonderful life on my moms blog

Yay I can't wait!