Thursday, February 12, 2009

15 weeks

This pic is for you mom!

The pounds are adding...

I am 15 weeks now! As of right now the due date is Aug. 2. I just had some blood work done that will give us an exact date, I'm sure it will change. So far I have gained 10 lbs! I just want a big belly already so people aren't thinking "is she getting fat?". I can no longer button my pants comfortably.
Luckily, my man got me a bella band that is wonderful because I just put this magical elastic over the top of my unbuttoned jeans and it looks like I am wearing an undershirt. No evidence that my pants are undone! This saved me. Before the band I was sitting in one of my classes of 100 people and I couldn't handle the tightness, so ... I did the unthinkable. I slipped my hands under the desk casually and unbuttoned my pants.
Oh man, I sure hope no one realized what I was doing but the relief was oh so wonderful.

I am still feeling sick, even though I am in my 2nd trimester. I never thought id be one of those unlucky ones. I constantly feel tired and my heart rate is very irregular which just wares me out. When it gets too high, I start to overheat, and when I get real hot I vomit! Its really fun. Poor Dave has to deal with it daily because I am always trying to open the door and roll down the windows in the care even when it's freezing outside. Because of these unusual problems I contacted the doctor and had my thyroid checked, which is important because thyroid disease runs in my family. The results are not back yet, but ill keep you updated.

Also, it turns out I am A- blood type.
I am guessing I got that from my dad (since its always the mans fault).
This can cause some issues because I have to worry about the Rh factor but now that we know we can do what we need to make sure me and the baby are okay. This involves injections at 28 weeks and at birth. Yay, I love needles.

All in all, everything else is great! The baby is growing and the heart is beating. Our next ultra sound is on March 3 and we'll find out the sex! Wahoooo