Sunday, February 22, 2009

Weekend Overview

My weekend started out with Dave bringing me home some beautiful flowers.
I really hope I can keep them alive.

Saturday we anxiously awaiting my mothers arrival to the Valley of the Sun.
Me, Dave, Whitney, Josh (Whitney's husband), mom, and Scott all had dinner at Monti's on Saturday night. After dinner my Grandma Nita and Great Grandma Jewel came over to my sisters house and hung out for a while. It was nice.

Of course, since my mom brought little Miss Mills, I had to bring her over Sunday to the apartment to hang out with Dave and I. This is her watching Dave putting away groceries - waiting for more hot dog.

Also this weekend, my Grandma Irene bought us new beautiful pots and pans.
These are a couple of them boiling water.
One for eggs, one for cinnamon sweet tea.

She also got us Fiesta ware of my choice.
Ivory and the new color - Chocolate brown.
Aren't they pretty?