Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome, 2011!

This new year is so bitter sweet. 
Everyday brought smiles and joy having Owyn in our lives.

New Year's Eve we decided not to go out (we didn't want Owyn in the car at night on those dangerous roads). Dave made pork ribs and we ate at the table together and said goodbye to 2010 and hello to 2011 naming our top favorite moments from 2010 and what we wish to accomplish in 2011. 

Saturday morning we packed up the xB and hit the road to those snowy lopes in Flagstaff. 
We road 2.5 hours to show Owyn the snow for the first time (in his life!) and take him sledding. We were so proud of what a big boy he is becoming. He fully embraced road tripping- snacking, singing, dancing and sleeping. He even spent some time talking on my phone, not sure whom with, and played games. He never fussed once- to and from.

Owyn fell asleep about an hour out of Flag and the moment he woke up we were sitting in the long line to get into the snow park. The first thing he did was look out the window, point, say "that" and laugh. He is too cute. After our snowy adventure (that he loved, until he was cold, then he didn't know what to do with himself) we grabbed a bite for dinner. What better place to take a toddler than to a brewery? No, seriously. It's okay to be loud and misbehave, because many adults are doing the same thing. He sat there in his highchair, one arm resting on the back the entire time, eating with the other and flirting with ALL the ladies. He especially put on "the eyes" for the chick in the highchair next to our table. ** Picture this: Owyn sitting back lounging with one arm resting on the back like Mr. Cool- chicken tender in hand, looking over at the girl in the next highchair and doing a quick wave and a loud "HI!". What a ham! 

I can NEVER get enough!