Monday, September 12, 2011


I'm sad to see this weekend go. 
I was pretty worried about how the weekend began.
On Friday it was one of those days where you struggle ( in other words, you struggle with the toddler) to get out of the house. Finally, hours later we were on our way to a friends house to do some serious thrift shopping. Before I got there, my work called me expressing their concern on why I haven't shown up for work the past two days, so, I had to turn around and go to work. 

Then, when I walked in my front door after returning from work I smelled a very familiar smell... 
a bad one.. 
Turns out, Mitzi had gone poop (#3!) all over our nicest rugs. Not just one.
That sure put a damper on my weekend, let me tell ya. 

I did what any girl would do and cried, had a little tissy and saved it for when Dave came home. 
Only, we somehow forgot about it and went to a friends house for a dinner party without cleaning the rugs. Is that sick, or what? (Before you judge too much, I did have the rugs pulled outside)

In the end, we had a really great weekend and were able to salvage the rugs. 
I even got to rearrange the front room after the rug was cleaned. 

Owyn spent the good part of his weekend watching dirt bike videos on YouTube. Strange, I know. That's all he wants to do. 
He likes to watch real dirt bike videos and hold a toy dirt bike in his hand. If he doesn't have one in hand, he yells at us with his arm out, but eyes on the screen. He does the same thing with skateboard videos and guitar videos.