Thursday, September 22, 2011

Zoo Days

Yesterday I decided to advantage of the beautiful morning and take Owyn to the Zoo. 
Since we're members, we get in an hour early and within that hour I saw 2 elderly folks getting exercise and that was about all the human contact we had. We were the only ones around. It was pretty awesome. We stayed over by the petting zoo the entire time we were there, sitting on the tractors. Of course. This week Owyn's obsession is tractors. 

My hours were recently reduced at work and I am starting to get a little bored. 
I think we've gone to the grocery store every day this week. 
And I've gone to the car wash twice this week.
 I never like going into work (who does?), but now that I rarely do I'm starting to feel very lost. 
It gives me time to think about all the thing I want to do and be and it's bringing me down. And not to mention way too much time on facebook and blogs.
must. stay. busy!