Monday, September 19, 2011

Hello again Monday.

Here we are, another Monday. 
I hate Mondays because all the fun from the weekend ends (or gets put on hold until next weekend) and Dave goes back to work.
I love Mondays because the museums are closed, meaning no work for me. Ever. And I get to spend all day long with Owyn. 

I'm sad that this weekend had to end because it was such a good one. 
Thursday we went to the concert.
Friday was Dave's birthday and Owyn and I went with friends to a Bouncy House! 
Saturday we made an awesome steak dinner. 
Sunday we spent with friends and celebrated a friends 4th birthday! 

Another thing we did this weekend was book our honeymoon! 
Hip hip HOORAY!

*sucking in helium and making Owyn laugh*