Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve- In Pictures

Okay, so I know I post a lot of pictures. Well, I take a lot of pictures and Im a very indecisive person so I can never chose just one or two. I realized I post to many once Blogger didn't let me upload any more until I purchased more storage through Picasa. Don't worry, I have plenty of space now! 
Here are some pictures from our lovely Christmas Eve. 
I love Christmas Eve almost more than Christmas. It's the anticipation. 
After working Eve morning (boo) we made our rounds of dropping off gifts. In the night we ( Owyn and I) baked holiday cookies for the Christmas party. He was such a big help. We then walked to Temple lights. I LOVE where we live. We like just a couple blocks away from the temple and downtown. The houses all around have so much character and I discover a new one everyday. Owyn loved the Temple lights and had such a good time running around like a big boy. And for myself, it really got me into the holiday spirit and reminded me of the great importance of the birth of our Savior. (Even though we're not LDS). 

Following tradition, we each opened one gift Christmas Eve night. Owyn- Lego's from Grandma G, Me- new ruffled duvet cover, Dave- Van's.   We also watched a Charlie Brown Christmas. 

 {opening his first gift}
              {me and my duvet}                               {Owyn helping me bake cookies}
 {AZ Temple}
 {Me and my baby <3}
               {Walking home}           {Owyn not wanting to put the stroller away}