Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wedding Ispriation: Colors

School is done. over! Yippee!

Time to daydream about my wedding!

One question I often get regarding the wedding is 
"have you chosen your colors"
The answer is yes! All colors! 
Hello, its an outdoor Spring wedding. All colors are too beautiful and what would Spring be without being bombarded with a variety of colors? As long as it can be found in a flower that grows in Spring, it's made my list!

This girl knows whats up:

My bridesmaids (although only two) will get to wear whatever they want. 
As long as it fits into the look I want, I don't care.
Everyone has a different style and body shape, why tell them what they have to wear? 

We want this day to be fun.
We don't want to focus on the details
because that will distract us from what the importance of the day really is.

I'm starting to get pretty excited!