Monday, August 30, 2010

Monkey See Monkey Do

This past weekend I was talking to my mom in Denver about setting examples for kids to follow. 

She mentioned how proud she was that all of her 3 children are working towards their college education. 

Whitney- working on her masters at Vanderbilt
Me-finishing up my B.A. at ASU
Sean- just started his first year of college!

My mom never pushed us to go to college. And by that, I mean, there was no bribery involved or ultimatums. 

She set a good example for us by getting her bach. and masters while raising us kids. With honors. And that was her goal. She's not the strict sort of parent. Her thing was to always give us the tools to make the right decisions and trust that we'd do so. I'd say it worked pretty well. None of us have ever been bad kids or trouble makers.  College education was never a question for us, it was something we considered, not only, a must do, but a privilege.

Recently Ive experienced my own examples (habits, really) setting on Owyn. Yikes!

He's been wanting my coffee every morning!
It's pretty annoying, I have to hide it from him. Then I forget where I put it. 

I started making him his own look-a-like coffee so he leaves mine alone. 
His- iced chocolate whole milk (no espresso). Light on the cocoa. 
He's so crazy! He walks around this place like he's the coolest, luckiest kid on earth. 
I guess I can so so-long to his 9:30 nap?