Sunday, August 15, 2010

Weekend Activities

How was your weekend?? I hope it was GRAND!

I started my weekend off with searching for a wedding venue. 
This comes with lots of excitement and stress. I actually had a mini-panic attack (i think) Friday night while writing out a to-do list and researching pricing. Yikes! Wedding are so expensive! I just want my dress, honeymoon and husband!

I noticed a strange, familiar and comforting emotion this weekend.
Happiness! It began to strike me as I was singing as loud as possible in my car (while every one of my favorite songs would play shuffled on my I Pod. Isn't that the best!), smiling at just about everyone I made eye contact with,  was extremely chattery, and feeling less like gossiping. 
That's one thing that that just YELLS "im an unhappy miserable person!!!". Gossip and talking crap about people. I'm not one who usually does it (except to my sister, cause, well, she's my sister. we all have our person) because A) it only makes you look bad, B) I don't usually think bad things about people (there's always other sides or other things you dont know or understand, C) I just don't like it! I want to be that person everyone feels like they can talk to or lean on, with out feeling as thought they will be judged, told on, or laughed at. 

I do have to admit though, when I am feeling unhappy, mostly with myself (like my recent rut that has lasted way way too long. Have you noticed by my lack of word in postings?) I find my self gossiping more. I hate it! And after I do it I feel guilty and like a dump ass for days.

Anyway, welcome back, old friend. I hope you stick around for awhile.

Isn't it so nice to feel truly happy? I think the feeling comes when you realize that you have a really fantastic life. When you love your family, friends, jobs, school, clothes, cute house, toddler, etc and if you could choose to have any life, you'd still choose your own.

Here are some pictures from my lovely weekend:

The venue I toured.

Owyn and I on our way to the family birthday party. Sorry no pics. I feel strange posting pics of my family and their children without permission. Id feel even stranger asking them for permission.

Owyn watching/delegating Daddy cleaning up the yard.