Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Goodbye Summer, Hello Fall

Welp, my summer is officially over. 
And I never even made it to the beach. 

I can't believe it's already over. 
Didn't it just start? I'm so confused!

I started my internship last week (which I absolutely LOVE) and I start school this Thursday. 
Last week at my internship, for now Ill refer to it as MCA (Mesa Contemporary Art)), I helped de-install the current exhibitions. I very carefully took the art off the walls, packaged them up and made sure everything was in pristine condition all while wearing white gloves, of course. Just like the professionals do.  I was so afraid of breaking something and then getting fired. Luckily, I did no such thing. And everyone there is way too nice. Yesterday I went back and painted one of the galleries. An entire gallery by myself.

I'm really excited about this Fall. 
I have some great courses and lots of Fall activities planned. 
This semester I'm taking Museum Educators, Northern Baroque Art History and Volunteer Management. 


The first thing we have planned for Fall is a Labor Day vacation in San Diego with Grand-dude and Wendy. Id really like to go sailing while we're there. Dad, could you set that up? Thanks. 
My next vacation will be in Nashville to spend time with my sister before she gives birth to sweet little Riley girl. I can't wait! I will be going October 17-25. Her due date is the 22 so I'm keeping my fingers crossed in hopes that Ill be there for delivery! There's nothing in the world that compares to being around a brand new baby. 

We also have tickets to a few concerts. 
We get to see RATATAT and The National.
Dave, lucky son of a gun, gets to go see... wait for it... 
Sufjan Stevens! I'm not that jealous though because Ill be in Nashville. Can't beat that. This guy got a seat in the second row!!! Lucky, right? He was afraid he wouldn't even get a ticket because the venue is so small. The venue just happens to be at MCA. Ironic? I think so. No, I didn't get him a discount. Sad to say. Dave only got one ticket. He was going to surprise me with them but I pulled it out of him the day before the tickets went on sale and I had to break the news that I couldn't go. He was pretty upset. He claims he isn't gonna have any fun without me and he didn't want to go with anyone else but me, so he only got one. But now that he got such a good ticket, Im sure he's over it. 


Have I mentioned how many birthday's there are in the Fall?
Well, a lot. 

My Mom, Dad, Brother, Best Friend, Dave, oh and of course, my new niece!
Whew, I'm gonna be so broke from buying gifts!

Have I also mentioned that one of best friends of all time is getting married! And I'm in the wedding! Yes, well it's true. In November. So I'm sure Ill be dedicating a lot of my Fall time to bridesmaid duties. Which I love!


For now, I'm gonna start off my Fall spending as much time as possible cuddling this kid and scrubbing my toilets and floors. These are my favorite days. 

(my BFF colored my hair. Do you like it? Id say she did a phenomenal job.  She's a professional. No, really. She is.)

<3 <3 <3 <3