Sunday, August 15, 2010

Hey Chelsea, How's the House Coming Along?

Oh, why thank you for asking. 
It's coming along well! We definitely taken a step back from project and decorating, due to the need of some relaxation, but we have began the process of putting together our family room and Dave's band room. 

Dave decided he wanted the back master bedroom we use as a guest suite for his band room. As long as there's a bed in there for my family I don't care what happens to it!

We just moved all his stuff into the room and we havn't started decorating, but Ill keep you posted on all my fun crafty projects I am planning. 

Family Room:
I have major plans for this big clunker.
It may involve paint, curtains (instead of doors), re-decorating (or just decorating since we clearly have not done anything but throw things onto it) and a TV!
Guest Master/Band Room

 (We were going to get a pull out sofa, but instead, I turned our guest bed into a deep couch/day bed)
(this room is quite a mess)

BTW, if you're wondering where this band stuff is, it's on the opposite wall. But who wants to see a picture of stacked amps?

Hall bathroom and my bathroom:

the hall bath and my master bath is still coming along. We did finally hang my mirrors and chandelier though. 

Owyn's Room: 

We replaced the rocking chair with one of our big comfy chairs and got him a crazy soft fluffy rug.