Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wedding Planning

This wedding planning thing is a lot harder than I anticipated. 
First thing- BUDGET! How does one set a budget? 
It's probably the toughest thing yet. 

Also, why do photographers cost so much?
It's too bad I cant do it myself. 

Dave and I always saw ourselves eloping in the wine country. 
It's just so us. But now, we're starting to think differently. 
Dave really wants to share the special moment with our family. And we really want to have an outside reception with the tons of friends and family we have. Oh and, it'll be a lot less expensive to have the ceremony and reception together. There is one thing we're set on. Honeymoon in EUROPE! I figure now is the time to see all of the amazing artifacts and monuments I study endlessly in my text books. After this year I will be graduated and plan on getting a "real job" and having more sligs (aka, babies!). The thing I love so much about my major is Art History. Seeing and learning about it gives me buterflies in my stomach. Sometimes, like when Id learn about medeival peices associated with the poem "The Dream of the Rood" Id get teary eyed. Being able to see this history in life would be life-changing.

So now we're having a hard time deciding..

inexpensive ceremony/reception here and honeymoon in Europe 
elope and do a "mini moon" in Napa and return home for a reception followed by a European honeymoon whenever we get around to it-meaning, probably not gonna happen for a while.


This is why we need to set a BUDGET!

Oh and P.S. - We're planning a Spring wedding. 
March 18th if everything works out. 
Mark your calanders!