Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jar Collection

Within the past few days we have made some wedding decisions and got this ball rolling. I hope we can keep it rolling. 

We decided on the venue and have an appointment Monday to sign the contract and hand over our money. We also decided on the back yard reception. So Ive handed the future of our back yard over to my father. Because he is a professional.

I bought 2 wedding dresses. TWO? Yes. Two dresses. 
I bought them from the J Crew wedding line and they are on a truck to my front door step. Well, one it. The other won't be shipped until November. You must think Im crazy for buying two, but in all honesty, I wanted to buy 5 but I had to talk myself down to 2, or Id be one broke sad little bride. I wanted to make sure I had a back-up incase I didn't love the other. I can return them, and I had a 20% coupon! What's to loose? It was meant to be. I was on the phone with my sister in Nashville while we were adoring every single dress when I got up to check the mail and there it was. My coupon. See? Meant. To. Be. I bought them 2 minutes later. 

I've also began my jar collection. My plan is to have tons and tons of different vases and jars to put a variety of wild spring flowers in them as center pieces. I want long light linens with burlap draped over. 

I have so many ideas running through my head. 
This is like a dream come true!

Thanks Dave for making my dreams come true by proposing!
You are my favorite mammal. But the Slig is my favorite mini-mammal.


A mini-trauma occurred last weekend...

My diamond went missing. 
My ring snagged on a blanket, I looked down, and my diamond was gone. 

This was really sad. And scary. 
Not only is it the diamond that Dave proposed to me with and thought very hard about but it was a very very nice diamond. Crystal clear. I loved my diamond so much because It was a symbol of how Dave sees me and our life together. At least that's my opinion. He chose to go with quality instead of quantity. That shows a lot. I respect that and I'm glad he knew that I'd respect that as well. He knew he could get a bigger diamond (for less), but chose to get me a really pretty one.

On the bright side, it is currently being replaced. 
I'll be ring less for 6-12 weeks, but I think Ill be okay.