Monday, August 9, 2010

Date night

Dave and I were lucky enough to go out on a date last Friday. 
It was so fun. 

We both got home from work at the same time, Owynless, and weren't really sure what to do with ourselves. We had just canceled our cable a few days prior (that crap is toxic!) and my trusty computer had just broke (officially) the morning before. (My computer has been broken since the month I bought it back in January 2008 but I've always been able to take it apart, fix the problem and reassemble for another month's worth of computing. Only this time, the cords ripped off the power button, making it impossible to turn on. What a tragic day it was.) We had plans for 10pm but I was getting antsy waiting around. For 3 long hours I roamed the house looking for things I could do. I started thinking I should go hangout with Owyn until our plans began. Dave was well occupied with his new VOX amp, electric guitar and assortment of petals (Money Bags, I like to call him). I sat on the couch watching him fiddle around. I began thinking we should bring the party to our house. I was definitely ready for company (since I had the time to clean up, take my make-up just to put it on fresh again and spent an unmentionable time trying on outfits. It felt like the old college studio apartment days when Dave would take me on dates.) and our house was louder than the usual bar. Dave decided to go big when purchasing his amp. He'd say, "I just want to hear how loud it gets". I felt like my hair was blowing with each beat and my eye lids would twitch by the ghastly noise. 

Eventually, after entertaining myself by making my stomach rolls dance to the music (don't act like you've never done it! I was having one of those fat days), I got the call from my friend instructing us to cruise over. I instantly jumped in the passenger seat, buckled up and waited for Dave on our hot car port. It was quite pathetic. I didn't realize how much time and concentration Owyn demanded and received from me all day everyday. 

Once we were out we had a really good time. We went to our friends house who just so happens to be the couple who introduced me and Dave (it was their house we officially met at) and walked our way to 2 bars near for a couple beers. And maybe 1 margarita. Oh, and guacamole. Yumm..

It's nice spending time with Dave. Not Daddy, but Dave. Well their both nice, but every once in a while it's good to hang out with my buddy again -worry free (aka: slig-free). Thanks Grandma G for letting Owyn spend the night! He loves it over there.

{I was nervous going into the picture booth. I had never done it before and Im not very creative when it comes to faces. So we planned it out before we inserted our dollars. Well, Skyler planned and I practiced.)