Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Photos

As much as I love to tell you all about our weekend, I have a sick child on my hands (not literally on my hands, he's currently in bed. thank goodness!) so Im a little short on time and energy. This is his first cold. Or whatever it is, and let me tell you, it SUCKS! He cries constantly and can't sleep. I feel so bad because there's nothing I can do. 

Here is a short little recap on what we did when we weren't waking up with a crying baby in the beginning, middle and end of the night. 

We had movie night on Friday and got snuggle on the couch, 
spent Saturday morning shopping and exploring new stores such as the Goodstore, and my first pawn shop experience! (Which was amazing! I bought a canon zoom lense for my Rebel XSI for $27!), we attended a friends BBQ which was lovely and I got to see a sweet new 6 week old baby, and Sunday I got have breakfast all alone with my dear friend Kelly (Elle) who I just adore so much to celebrate her birthday!

 {Movie night}

The Goodstore is a new thrift store on Main, here in downtown Mesa, and you pay by the pound! It's really neat. They weigh your goods to determine what you owe. Everything is $2.49 a pound.

{Dave and Owyn at the Goodstore}

{me after the BBQ when I thought I broke my camera. dont worry, I didn't}

{Breakfast at  Inside the Bungalow . Did I mention this is where we're considering saying our vows?}

{Elle and I at Inside the Bungalow

I love Elle. She's the greatest friend a girl could ask for. And she keep me very entertained.